2012 Spinning Retreat – Recap Vol. 2

A new side to Lindenwood is their MoonTree Studios.  Last year, when we were there, the facility was still under construction, but it is finished now.  And it is beautiful.  The three main areas it supports are Art, Ecology and Spirituality.  I could live here, and you will see why.

There are two main buildings – the Residence Lodge and the Art Studio.  Let’s start with the Residence Lodge.

This is what you see when you walk in – warm, cozy, comfortable and peaceful.  I didn’t catch the cat’s name, but he reminded me of a larger version of Dylan. 

The details in this building were amazing and many artists contributed their talents and time to create it.

The bedrooms are simple, but comfortable.  This is where the resident artist would be staying while teaching at the studio.

One view of the living area from above on the balcony.

And another view from above.  The minute I stepped into this building, I felt peace wash over me.  Yes, I could live there.

This is the outside of the art studio building.  Check out all of those windows!

The natural lighting in this building was amazing and made the whole place feel light and airy.

I have always loved exposed beams in a building.  These are peg-joined in the good, old-fashioned way.  The barn on the farm I grew up on was peg-built, and the construction of the studio reminded me of that.

And then there is the weaving studio!

The sigh of contentment I took when entering this room – well, the opportunity to teach here is going to be welcomed, indeed.  Look at all that natural lighting!   I believe the room faces south and east, and to not have a dark space in which to try to discern colors and patterns is a blessing.

Another view of the weaving studio.  This was not the only studio space in the studio, either.  There was a painting studio, a pottery studio and another space that I believe was for the enameling classes. 

And speaking of classes, they are beginning to bring in artists from all over the country to teach here.  The following is their schedule for the near future with more classes and workshops being added all of the time.

If you have any questions or would like more information about MoonTree Studios, their schedules and teaching opportunities, please contact Sister Nancy at snancyr@poorhandmaids.org.  She is a delightful person who will be more than happy to tell you more about what moonTree has to offer.

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  1. roxie Says:

    How gloriously idyllic! And a resident cat is the seal of approval!

  2. Sharon Says:

    In a word – Jealous! What a fantastic place. I could live there too.

  3. Cindy in FL Says:

    Wow, it would be wonderful to spend a month there….

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