I’m Losing It!

Okay, so I’m losing it in a good way.

At my largest, I weighed 189. This was several years ago. I eventually lost down to the upper 160s to low 170s, bouncing back and forth between 168 and 172 on a semi regular basis. Once in a while, I would make the effort to lose and a couple of times actually saw me in the low 150s (152.2 was my lowest), but I always regained it back up the the 168-172 area.

Currently, due to my following the Keto way of eating pretty strictly, I am bouncing between 151 and 154. This time, I will not be regaining any of that weight back, and will continue Keto. I will continue this weight loss journey until I reach my goal weight of 125-130.

I will say that Keto is good eating. Yes, at first, it’s hard to get off the carbs, but, once you make the conversion from burning glucose to burning fat as your fuel, it’s pretty easy (Ketoade is a life saver!). And the food is delicious! My favorite place to get ideas and recipes is Keto Connect. Their recipes have been, for the most part, amazingly good. I haven’t tried everything (and won’t be because there are a lot of fish and curry-type-dishes that I just don’t like), but many of them have become staples for Scott and I.

Some of our favorites are:

High Fiber Muffins: I have been doing quite a bit of experiments with this one and banana (banana extract) and walnut is a winner, as is orange (orange extract) and pecan.

Easy Chicken Caprese: This paired with asparagus and mushrooms sauteed in ghee with garlic powder, onion powder, Himalayan pink salt and pepper is lovely!

Goat Cheese Tart: This is delicious cold and makes a great breakfast or late afternoon snack. I’ve used this during some intermittent fasting sessions as my last meal of the day at about 4PM. It keeps me satisfied for the rest of the day.

Keto Pot Pie: A quick and easy meal that is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.

Fathead Dough Pizza: There are a couple of different crust recipes on here, but the fathead dough is simply amazing! I add sugar-free Italian sausage from Fresh Thyme, pepperoni, Fresh Thyme’s pizza sauce (again no sugar), black olives, oregano, basil, garlic powder, onion powder, and more cheese to top it. It is better than any store-bought or restaurant pizza going. Seriously!

Keto Bread: This is perfect as a toast for breakfast, or just with cream cheese spread on it.

Cauliflower Hash Browns: The video they put out out about this said it tasted just like real potato hash browns. So I tested Scott on that. I did not tell him it was cauliflower, and his first comment was just like in the video: “I thought we couldn’t have potatoes on Keto.” Seriously, you can’t tell!!

Green Bean Casserole: With Thanksgiving coming up, having a low-carb version of some of our favorite foods is a must. This one is delicious – creamy with that crunchy topping you expect.

Besides these recipes, I have been experimenting with different recipes, and fat bombs are one I think I have perfected – at least the chocolate ones. Mine is this: 1/2 cup coconut oil (melted), 1/2 pecan butter, 1T unsweetened dark chocolate, 5-7 drops of orange oil inflused Stevia. Thoroughly mix (you want it to be runny, so you might need to nuke it 30 seconds), pour into silicone candy molds, and freeze. The size I use makes 30 fat bombs at about 97 calories each. Perfect for an after meal treat, and it doesn’t trip-out your blood sugar or increase insulin levels.

There are many other recipes that I will be sharing on The Fiber Pusher website and channel as soon as I get the time. As I experiment and create new recipes, I will let you in on them.

And, I will keep you up on the whole weight-loss journey. Scott is on this as well, and is down 26 pounds since the start of Keto in late September. I hope we keep on losing it!

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    I think it’s great you two work together on this–just what you need;
    a best friend weight loss buddy!
    Keep up the good work!

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