First Item on To-Do List: Make To-Do List

Hello, my name is Benita and I am addicted to making lists. Even if I don’t follow that list, it helps me organize my thoughts and priorities.

But, I try to follow the lists. If I didn’t make these lists, nothing would ever get completed at my house. I make them days in advance, and if something cones along to derail my plans, or if I don’t manage to complete the lists, then things get bumped to the next day. I even put rest time on my to-do list. If I don’t, I forget to take time for myself.

At this point in my life, I know about what I can complete in an evening after work. The list helps me put things in the proper order so that I don’t waste time. For example, my list for tonight includes the following, in the proper order:

  1. Begin hot washing 2nd half of Merino fleece
  2. Start laundry
  3. Box next set of fleece shipments and put in car
  4. Work on next hot bath for fleece
  5. Strip Scott’s bed and remake it
  6. Begin making 51 heddles for my inkle loom
  7. Work on last hot bath for fleece
  8. Pull out next fleece to wash
  9. Feed the fish and put load of laundry into dryer
  10. Continue making heddles
  11. Put fleece in first rinse water
  12. Finish making heddles
  13. Put fleece in second rinse water
  14. Get ready for bed.

It sounds like a lot to get done in one evening, but the fleece being washed and the laundry getting done is sort of in the background since most of it is just my waiting on it. Yes I have to change the fleece water a few times, but dumping a couple of totes and refilling them takes very little time. Boxing the next fleece shipments is a matter for 15-20 minutes, remaking Scott’s bed is another 15 minutes tops, and the rest is just 5-10 minutes except for making the heddles. That will take me an hour or so.

By prioritizing items in such an order, I can be doing multiple projects at the same time. People ask me how I managed to accomplish so much. Well, here’s how. Multi-tasking to a high degree.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    I love lists, too! I also coordinate doing-the-thing-that-will-allow-me-to-also-do-something-else-at-the-same-time, first! Hooray for lists and the high you get when you tick them off as DONE!

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