About Benita

I have a podcast called The Fiber Pusher, am 50% owner of Dyed in the Wool and am 50% owner, co-writer and editor of the award-winning, long-running comic-book Johnny Saturn.

Here’s other stuff, too.

None of the following is in any particular order.

Books I love:
1. Anything by Miss Read – These books get read over and over again
2. Anything by Agatha Christie
3. Anything by Jane Austen
4. To Serve Them All My Days by R.H. Delafield
5. The Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters
6. The Barchester series by Anthony Trollop
7. The Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters
8. Sherlock Holmes’ stories
9. Ellery Queen Mysteries
10. Biographies, Autobiographies, Diaries and Journals

Music I love:
1. The soundtrack to The Prince of Egypt
2. Trans Siberian Orchestra – Especially Beethoven’s Last Night
3. Eric Clapton Unplugged
4. REM
5. U2 – Especially Rattle and Hum
6. Most Celtic music
7. Bluegrass
8. Old Country Gospel
9. David Ackerman
10. Violins in nearly any format

DVD’s I love:
1. Pride and Prejudice – the one with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth
2. The Fifth Element
3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy
4. The Narnia movies
5. The Incredibles
6. The David Suchet Poirot series
7. The Joan Hickson Miss Marple series
8. The Producers movie
9. Victor/Victoria
10. Documentaries in general

Other video related stuff I love:
1. Mostly BBC produced items like:
a. Victorian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, War Time Farm, Edwardian Farm, Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Pharmacy or just about anything with Ruth Goodman in it.
b. Time Team
c. History Cold Case
d. Just about anything Tony Robinson has hosted or presented.  That man makes things interesting!
e. Knitting/dyeing/spinning/weaving podcasts

Favorite colors: Mostly greens, but I love earth tones as well

Favorite Food: The smoothies I make for breakfast.  Second favorite is mashed potatoes (my comfort food)

Hobbies/Activities I Enjoy:
1. Weaving
2. Natural Dyeing
3. Writing
4. Reading
5. Spinning
6. Knitting
7. Teaching
8. Genealogy
9. Going to antique stores (I think of them as museums where I can touch things)
10. Learning new things

Favorite fiber to:
Spin: Wool – down wools like Dorset and Suffolk, Cormo, Texel, and Shetland – I am not fond of long wools, Yak and hate New Zealand Possum
Weave: Cotton or Cotto-lin
Knit: Wool in general, although I don’t mind cotton
Dye: Wool and silk

Cultural Descent: I’m a mutt in every sense of the word. Mostly German/British Isles, but I also have Jewish, Cherokee, African, and most of the rest of western Europe in me as well. Genealogical research over the past almost 30 years has been very interesting!

Zodiacal sign: Double Leo with Scorpio rising. For those who understand astrology, you know what this means, for the rest, just Leo will suffice.

Religion: I am a Christian raised in a Southern Baptist church in southern Indiana. I dearly love God and Jesus and try to let God lead me in all things. My biggest fault is stubbornness, but we are working on that. But, despite my upbringing, I am very liberal in my world views and politics.

Vices: Well, I guess I could say yarn and roving, but it really depends on my current project. I don’t smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, take illegal drugs, or watch television (only the occasional DVD, but then it is on my schedule not on some television scheduler’s schedule). I do have a sweet tooth and am trying to control this as much as I can.

Favorite time(s) of the year: Autumn and spring. I do love winter when I get to stay home, and summer is my least favorite unless the day is a perfect 70-75 degrees with low humidity, a slight breeze and lots of sunshine.

Fears: Tornadoes – most of my nightmares consist of these monsters.

Favorite dreams: Flying or exploring cool, old houses.

Sport: Nope.  Sorry.

Musical instruments I have played: Piano, mandolin, clarinet, violin, tenor banjo – I said I have played them, but I didn’t say I was a musician. This is why I don’t play music anymore.

Dreams of Some Day: I would like to make my living by teaching weaving and natural dyeing, and selling items I have made. I would like to be able to make us more self-sufficient in that I raise a garden and preserve food for the winter. I would like to be my own boss and look forward to each and every day.