Sep 5
Update on Mom
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First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been so sweet to send Mom cards, good thoughts and prayers.  She appreciated them very much.

Mom is dying.  I can’t put it any other way.  She is not expected to regain consciousness and is being put into hospice until she goes.  The doctor told Dad it could be tomorrow or it could be two weeks.

Please keep my Dad in your prayers.  He’s going to be lost without her.  After 49 years of a very loving marriage, this is going to be the toughest thing he will ever have to go through.

If Mom makes it to her birthday on the 24th, she will be 67.  I don’t think she’ll be here to see it though.

Yes, I am hurting right now.  Knowing you will never see or hear your mother again is very hard.  Many of you have gone through this and know how I feel.

Apr 24

I did it!  I worked out for 45 minutes yesterday morning concentrating on cardio and 45 minutes right after work concentrating on strength training.  My shoulders hurt so bad last night I had to take ibuprophen to go to sleep, but I did it!

And, I put in 45 minutes on cardio this morning, again, this time pushing up the incline height and really making myself sweat it out.  Okay, I don’t sweat, but I did get very tired.  I wish I did sweat, because I think it would help cool me down since the treadmill I use is directly under a ceiling fan.  I just get very red in the face and drink lots of water.  🙂

Also, I priced and entered 44 more items into the inventory spreadsheet, which took me an hour and a half minutes last night.  I think I still have about 50-60 more items to enter, so I should reach my goal of getting it all caught up by the weekend.  Whew!

Over the weekend, my MIL asked me if I am ever going to slow down, meaning give up dyeing, teaching, going to shows, etc., and I told her “no.”  Then I explained to her that while I like my day job, it is there to pay the bills.  All these things I do away from the day job are what makes my life worth living.  I love teaching, I love dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting, writing, and creating.  They are my life’s blood and without these activities, I’d be miserable.  I’m not sure she really understood, but it got me to thinking.  Do the rest of you feel the same about your activities outside of your job?  How many people are lucky enough that their “job” is getting to do the things you really love?