Oct 18

Oct 5

My Shawl Ball Along shawl is finished, I have an HO, we have winners and lots of talk about my love of autumn.

Sep 26

Sep 22

As you probably know, last weekend was A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and Sandy and I were there with our Dyed in the Wool booth.  This is a great fiber fair with lots of vendors, home made ice cream, lots of things to look at, home made ice cream, and…  Oh yes!  Home made ice cream.

Unfortunately, it appears that this area of the country isn’t big into spinning.  This is our second foray into Ohio (we vended at the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair a couple of years ago) and neither time did we do more than break even. So, this was our one and only time at Yellow Springs except to go and shop.

We were busy on Saturday from 10AM until about 2PM, then just a sale or two here and there.  Sunday, the good people at Turtlemade stopped by our booth and we talked for quite a while.  Later, I wandered over into the other tent where their booth was and oh my!  You’ll have to watch Episode 77 of the Fiber Pusher Podcast to see what I bought – Teaser!!!

I don’t know if it was the slowness of the show for us (a full 80% of the people we spoke with didn’t spin, and the majority of them weren’t interested in learning, although I did send lots of people over to Turtlemade to get spindles, then gave a couple demos on how to spin), but I came home very tired after this weekend.  In fact, this is the first morning I don’t feel like a slug.  It was hot and muggy this weekend, so that might be part of it, but I have the feeling that my 52-year-old body just can’t quite do what I think it should do anymore.  Oh well.  I guess I just have to get used to it, although I am going to go down fighting all the way.

Also, I think some regular exercise might help – and less home made ice cream.  🙂

Don’t forget that we will be at The Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, Michigan, next month.  Now those good people love their spinning fiber.  I cannot wait!

Sep 15

Sandy’s and my co-worker’s (Colette VanMatre) horse, Defining Hope, won her second race yesterday at Indiana Grand Racetrack.


She crossed the finish line, defeating the race favorite by one and three-quarters lengths!

And here is a fantastic article on this loves-to-run two-year-old filly.  Go Colette and go Defining Hope!!!

Sep 14

I cannot believe how time has been passing lately.  Why is it the more you have to do, the faster time flies?

If nothing else tells me this, having to get up at 4AM to start the day to try to get everything on the list done means I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  Again.

On the other hand, I created this to help me keep organized and on track.


So far, it is working.  Still those 4AM starts are getting to me.  (And, yes I do have check-offs for taking my vitamin and making sure I don’t forget the moisturizer – getting old, you know.)

I am looking forward to see those you come to Yellow Springs this weekend.

Sep 13

Sep 7

At the Dyed in the Wool shop, a new Sequential Art Sock kit has been released and it has a matching project bag, stitch markers and a progress keeper to go with it.  There will be a KAL for this in the Fiber Pusher Podcast Ravelry group in October.

Introducing Alien Encounter!


Don’t forget to watch the Fiber Pusher Podcast for more updates and keep an eye on the Dyed in the Wool shop.  As the project bags are being made, the pre-orders will become now orders and they will be put into the mail within 24 business hours after ordering.  And hurry, as there only will be 25 kits being made with the custom printed fabric not to be seen again until October 1, 2017!


Sep 6

At the end, I show off my newest Sequential Art sock pattern, and there are extras with this one!

Aug 31

My coworker, Colette, owns a thoroughbred mare whose sire is Point Given.  Point Given won two legs of the Triple Crown (he came in second in the Derby).  The mare’s name is On the Point.  She bred this mare to a former race horse named Strong Hope, and, together, they made a filly named Defining Hope.  Defining Hope was born in April, 2014, and has spent this spring and summer being broken and trained to race.  Folks, this filly loves to run!

Yesterday, at Indiana Grand racetrack in Shelbyville, Indiana, Defining Hope ran her maiden race with 11 other horses.  She drew the #9 position.  The rest is history.  In her first race ever, Defining Hope won by 5.5 lengths!!!


Here is the positions and the odds at race time.  You can see Defining Hope started at 5/1, but at race time was at 7/2.


And here she is crossing the finish line.  She breezed past the other horses like a true winner, and she didn’t even go as fast as she could.  There was a kick up a gear toward the end, but the afterburners never had to kick in.


And, this is showing she won.  I placed a $6 Win/Place/Show bet on her and won $24.40 for my faith in her.

Colette spoke with the trainer this morning and Hope is behaving like nothing happened.  She is eating, in great spirits and seems ready for anything.  She will be given a 3-day break from training, then it is back to business for her.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Her next race is scheduled to be on September 14th.

I know this isn’t fiber related, and you may not care less about horse racing, but I love Colette and am so happy for her.  I love seeing my friends succeeding in their life’s passions and being happy.  And the best part yet?  Yesterday was Colette’s birthday.  What a fantastic birthday gift for her.  Thank you God for giving this to her!!!

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