Jul 28

Jul 14

Shaanti had a lovely time hanging out with Marie and her girls in Norway.  I think my favorite picture of her time there is Shaanti and the midnight sun one.


The idea of it being so light outside at midnight just fascinates me.  For more of Shaanti’s adventures in Norway, check out the Ravelry thread for her.

And now Shaanti is in England visiting Linda!  She and Shaanti starting the visit off right, too.


Oh, Shaanti, you are the envy of us all!


Jul 11

This includes Lesson 3 of Beginning Weaving.  This lesson includes tying the warp onto the warp apron bar, winding the warp on, tying onto the front apron bar, fixes for some common threading errors and replacing a broken warp thread.  Also, how to wind a bobbin and weave the header.  next week is actual weaving!!


Jul 5

Besides one FO, there is the drawing for the 300 YouTube subscriber Thank You, talk about the Tour de Fleece and Lesson Two of Beginning Weaving.

Jun 27

The start of the Beginning Weaving Workshop is on this one.  The link the the Excel Spreadsheet can be found here:


Jun 13

Jun 10

This week’s shop update is live and ready to shop.

Jun 6

May 31

May 27
Scott’s Newest Book
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This is Scott’s first book with only his name on it.  He has been working hard on it and, the Kindle version is up and available for buying.  If you like superheroes, ancient aliens and giant robots, then you will love this!


City of the Broken Gate!  And, if that “fabric of the universe” on the cover looks familiar, it should.  It’s the waffle weave towels I wove last year while still on the loom.  This is set in the Johnny Saturn world, but you do not need to be familiar with the characters or the comic book series to read this as it is a stand alone story.

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