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Scott’s Newest Book
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This is Scott’s first book with only his name on it.  He has been working hard on it and, the Kindle version is up and available for buying.  If you like superheroes, ancient aliens and giant robots, then you will love this!


City of the Broken Gate!  And, if that “fabric of the universe” on the cover looks familiar, it should.  It’s the waffle weave towels I wove last year while still on the loom.  This is set in the Johnny Saturn world, but you do not need to be familiar with the characters or the comic book series to read this as it is a stand alone story.

May 25

(46 unread) - basicallybenita - Yahoo MailNot quite there, yet, but looking much better.  The funny thing is, that least active day of Thursday was spent loading the trailer and car, and hitching the trailer up by myself getting ready to leave the next day for Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival.  I did a lot of walking, so it tells you how well I did the rest of the week.

May 23

Shaanti went with Sandy and I to the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival this past weekend.  She rested quietly in our room on Saturday, but she went with us on Sunday.  I thought I’d show a couple pictures of her day.


She really enjoyed helping Sandy out at the check-out table and she was such a friendly young dolly.

Shaanti and 20

And she got to meet a celebrity!!  20 of Punkin’s Patch fame.  I don’t think 20 was too sure of such a tiny person giving him a hug, but he dealt with it with his usual aplomb.

There is still a few days to sign up to host Shaanti this summer and fall.  Go and join the Ravelry group and sign up!

May 18

IMG_1089 (640x427)

We are starting the fiber show season off with 64 different colors, types, breeds, etc. of fiber.  Out new, interchangeable sign will hold up to 96 fiber sample cards, but we will use the extra space for other signs and announcements for right now.  This is 95% complete.  Just a few more touches (like hanging brackets on the back) to go.


May 16

Fireplace Embers Shawl by DebsDestiny

Never Cast Off Podcast

Undead Yarn


May 11

31 years ago today, a certain bride’s dad looked in shock, the groom and bride looked like 16-year-olds, and it was a sunny day.  Also, 31 years ago today a certain pastor lost his place and started a certain wedding all over again from the beginning, didn’t turn on any of the mics so the audience could hear the vows and started the wedding march before any of the pre-arranged music could be played causing a certain bride to scramble through the last preparations in the dressing room far faster than she wanted.

On this day, 31 years ago, a certain car (burgandy 1981 Dodge Aries K) had the messages “Just Married” and “Hot Springs Tonight” written on it in shaving cream, which, with said sunny day, caused the shaving cream to eat through the first layer of paint meaning that car still said those messages even after it had been washed – many times –  and still did when they sold the car a couple of years later.

Also, 31 years ago, the groom had the flu and was about the same creamy color as the church walls, but manfully stood there through the service, the short reception in the basement afterwards and the party at his mom’s house after that.  It might be a fact that their wedding night was spent sleeping the sleep of the exhausted in their apartment before starting out on their honeymoon the next day.  At least, after a good night’s sleep, the groom felt more human and was ready to enjoy their first vacation together as husband and wife.


While the beginning of their married life, 31 years ago today, was a bit inauspicious, the marriage itself has been a thing of blessings and joy.  Sure there are been some rough points, what marriage doesn’t have them, but working through them just made the marriage stronger.  Today, 31 years later, the couple are each other’s best friend, best lovers and, most important of all, best cheering section.

It seems hard to believe that 31 years have passed as they both only feel about 31 years old, but looking back at the photos from that day long ago and seeing the maturity they have both gained, they know there is no one in this world with whom they would rather grow older.

It has been 31 of the best years and I hope and pray that we have 31 more just as good as the last.  I love you, Scott Story, and I am so glad that we went through that day 31 years ago today.


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