Two Freight Trains, One Track

Life has been rather good to the Story household lately. Yes, we have to deal with the whole single income thing, but that aside, it’s amazing how well things are going.

For starters, I mentioned how we are losing weight. Well, one of the best side effects of that is increased energy levels. Scott has the outside work 99% done (he cleaned the gutters and got the garage to the point where both vehicles can fit in it – more work to be done, but progress has been made). I have most of the laundry caught up, including washing curtains and blankets. In fact, the laundry room hasn’t been this empty in months.

Also, I worked on my studio. As Scott has been cleaning out the attic, anything that is mine has just been stuffed into an already overstuffed room. I worked on it most of Saturday and managed to get the cedar chest moved to its new home in the east dormer, the desk almost into its new home under the north-facing picture window, cleaned out the knitting yarn from its plastic shelving unit, removed said unit to the attic, cleaned out a deep bookcase, moved it to where the plastic shelving unit was and reorganized the yarn. Boy, do I have a lot of sweater quantities of yarn with which to make things. Some I will knit into sweaters, but some is going to go onto the loom.

On top of laundry and studio cleaning, I hot washed two lovely Icelandic fleeces.

This is a sweet, but small lamb fleece. I love the two-toned quality of it.
This is a very fluffy, lamb fleece from a ewe lamb named Sister. I look forward to carding and spinning this one.

Yesterday, I created the meal plan for the week, bought groceries, and spent most of the day cooking for the week. I still have two more things to cook, which I will do tonight. Also, I continued laundry and hot washed 1/2 a rather large Merino fleece for the second time. The first time just didn’t get it clean and it still had a lot of lanolin. I had it for sale, but decided to keep it, rewash it, and dye it later for processing into top. Right now I am thinking of dyeing it in quarters – red, orange, gold, yellow – and having the colors blended. I think it will be a nicer color with the four different colors together than just one solid color. I am hoping it will give a heathered look to the resulting yarn.

At the end of the cooking session, I took two chicken carcasses (one I had previously frozen) and added celery, carrots, onions, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, parsley, and basil and set it to cooking in the slow cooker. After 4 hours, I reset it for 10 more hours and went to bed. While it made about 15 cups of a lovely, rich, golden-brown stock, smelling it all night was torture. It smelled so lovely!!!

And I completed the body of the sweater I am knitting for a co-worker’s Christmas gift. On to the first sleeve today! Woohoo!!

I love productive weekends. I love having the energy to be productive better.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    Nice work with the cleaning excitement-I love how it just spurs on your creativity! Very fitting.
    The fleece look lovely to work with-have fun!

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