Dyeing for Some Fun!

Saturday, Sandy and I got together for a tie-dye day and dyed up over 60 items, only three of which were shirts and no socks included.  Those will be dyed in a couple of weeks.  Instead, we branched out and dyed up a bunch of stuff that people have been asking us about, plus refilled inventory on things we had sold way down on.

Once thing people have been asking for have been baby onesies.  As tiny as these things are, it was interesting trying to do some of our traditional folds on them (like the double swirl), but we did it, as well as a few others.  I think they turned out so cute!!!  Can’t you just see a wee baby in these?

Another thing people have been asking for is aprons.  So we did three sample ones to see how well people like them.  I think all of them came out beautifully, and Sandy and I, each, have our favorites.  What do you think?

Another thing we experimented with was hats.  These have been requested by several people, so we did five of them.  The brims have plastic in them so they can be washed over and over again and retain their shape.  Perfect for lots of wearing since washing them is a cinch. 

One other item that has been requested is scrunchies, so we ordered half a dozen blanks and dyed them.  I really miss having long enough hair for pony-tails because I am in love with all of them.  Once my hair finally reaches shoulder length again, I will be dyeing up several for my own use.

Other than those items, we dyed up several more tote bags, this time adding in some extra nice ones that can double as purses.  Tote bags have been one of our best sellers and we were down to just a few of them left in stock. 

Also, we dyed more shoe laces since we had only one pair left in stock and people have really loved them to spice up their shoes.  These shoe laces are longer than the last batch, so can be used for men’s shoes as well.  I like to double bow mine so they don’t come untied while at the gym, and the 45” ones weren’t quite long enough to do this.  With these new ones being 54”, I’ll be able to double bow them with no troubles.

Book covers are always cool and with school coming up we experimented with a couple.  They came out great!

And finally, we decided that with all the hot weather, we’d see how tank tops would work.  I think one of these is destines to be worn to the gym.

And last, but not least, Sandy and I have been having fun with our dye clothes.  Seeing how colorful we can get is half the fun, and we’re trying to break ourselves from wiping our hands on towels and using our clothes instead.

At the end of the day, we realized our shirt backs were way too pristine for our tastes, so I slapped some on Sandy’s T-shirt back, and we each slapped some on our own butts.  Unfortunately, we slapped too much on our butts because we ended up dyeing our underwear and butt cheeks at the same time.  Never let two tired-to-the-point-of-being-silly women have free access to left over dyes. 

And we’ll get to do this again in two weeks.  The next time, though is more shirts (adding in tank tops, too!) as well as more socks. 

Is there anything you’d like to see tie-dyed that we haven’t already covered?  The more variety of stuff we have available, the happier everyone will be, so if you have a suggestion that sounds like fun, we’ll do it!

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    The aprons and purses are fantastic! You guys have done a great job with the tie dyeing!

  2. Roxie Says:

    You guys are brilliant! So glad things are selling well. The vertical stripe apron is especially wonderful. The onsies are adorable – a real Grandma trap!And I love the butt print jeans.

    How about dying men’s underwear? Boxers and briefs.

  3. Basically Benita » Blog Archive » Mark Your Calendars! Says:

    […] line of clothing and accessories, including everything you see in the store, what I showed on Tuesday, and what we have yet to dye between now and then (two more days of dyeing coming […]

  4. Sharon Says:

    I’m astonished at how much you two are able to dye in a session. Fabulous!

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