Holy Sheep! That’s one clean fleece.

I tried Unicorn Power Scour for the first time last night.  This is a BFL fleece from a sweet ewe named Beatrice.  We picked it up at at Michigan Fiber Festival at Moons Shadow Farm, and their tent was flooded during the torrential rain/tornado warning on Saturday.  Since this fleece was already wet, I decided to go ahead and wash it.

First I let it cold soak for two days.  By cold soaking, I mean just that.  Cold water and trading out the water after 24 hours (for a very dirty fleece, I will trade out the water every 12 hours).  I wish I had taken a picture of the first soak so you could see how much dirt came out of the fleece.  This is the second soak.

2nd soak

This was never a very dirty fleece, and the first dump water was cafe au lait in color.

I hot washed the fleece using Beth Smith’s method that she discusses in her blog.


This is getting ready to go into the first rinse.  Let me tell you, these tubs from IKEA for $5 are the best thing for washing fleeces.  They will hold about two pounds of fleece and are easy to maneuver and dump.

last rinse

This is how it looked during the final wash.  This was such a joy to look at and touch.  It was like watching a cloud.

all clean

And look at how beautiful this washed up!!  So what did I use, again?


I bought it from The Woolery while I was at Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival.  I bought the 16 ounce container.  I only used three tablespoonfuls total washing this fleece, so it doesn’t take very much.

Now, I have a very dirty Lincolnfolk fleece cold soaking.  I’ll let you know how this works on a tougher cleaning job.

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  1. Delighted Hands Says:

    Wow, that is a great job and this fiber is calling out to be spun!

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