Feedback needed on workshop videos

Okay, I have completed the Beginning Weaving Workshop using Podcasts 68-72.  Basically, this is as close to the actual workshop I have taught over the years as I can get with no live students to ask questions as I go, or to monitor and help along with suggestions while working.  I have spent many, many, many more hours with each of these podcasts to make them as complete as possible and I would like to know if this workshop made a difference to any of you who are interested in learning to weave.  So, I am putting a poll in here to see if I should continue recording and posting workshop and class videos.

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  1. Delighted Hands Says:

    Great job…there is always something to be learned and so I watched every minute even if I won’t be weaving on a floor loom again. I do use my rigid heddle and learned hints for that, so thank you!

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