Hosting Shaanti

If you haven’t joined the Fiber Pusher Podcast Ravelry group yet, here might be your reason to finally do so.

During the month of May, members of the group will get the opportunity to host Shaanti for a few days sometime between June 1st and November 30th.  Who is Shaanti?


This is Shaanti.  I knit her from the Mary, Millie and Morgan pattern by Susan B. Anderson.  She is the second doll I knitted from the kit I purchased, the first one being Raksha.

Shaanti is the Hindi word for Peace, and that is what I want to do – send a little Peace around the world.  There is a sign up thread on the podcast Ravelry group for those interested in hosting Shaanti for a few days and posting pictures and such into a Where’s Shaanti thread that will begin on June 1st, the day Shaanti begins her journey.

Already, there are several people here in the US who want to host Shaanti, but also hosts from Canada, England and Norway!  I never thought I’d be jealous of a sweet doll-person, but I am!  I loved England when I was there in 1992, and I would love to visit Norway.

So, where else can we send Shaanti?  If you want to host her for a few days and take her around and show her where you live (and post lots and pictures about the event), please go over the the Fiber Pusher Podcast Ravelry group, join it, and post in the Hosting Shaanti thread that you are in.  The deadline for doing this is Saturday, May 28th, at which time I will lock the thread and get Shaanti’s passport ready.  Also, while you are there, join in on the conversations going on in the other threads because this is a lovely community of creative people in this group and we have tons for fun sharing information, what we are working on and encouragement with one another.

And watch the podcast.  There are several with demonstrations in them, and there are going to be even more in the future as I continue working in my studio.  And as Shaanti travels, I will be able to talk about that as well.

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  1. Delighted Hands Says:

    Soon she will be on her way!

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