Fitness Tuesday – One Step Forward and Three Steps Back

Except for a few days when I was home working on spring cleaning and the studio reorganization, I really fell off the band-wagon.  The only gain in the averages over the past two weeks was in the number of floors climbed, and this is completely attributable to the studio reorganization.

End of Week 1                                        End of Week 3

4,932 steps/day                                      4,711 steps/day
6.6 floors climbed/day                             7.7 floors climbed/day
1.64 miles walked/day                              1.56 miles walked/day
1,680 calories burned/day                        1,604 calories burned/day

This is a new week.  Let’s see if I can change this back to all steps forward.

Eating is better, and I’m changing things up a bit this week.  Due to the weekly work schedule, I am finding myself eating at a certain time whether I am hungry or not.  I decided to remedy this by not eating until I am hungry.  Yesterday, for example, I didn’t drink my protein shake until nearly 10AM rather that at 7:30AM.  And lunch was a banana and some pistachios around 2:30, which is when I usually have my snack.  I understand the supposed dangers of not eating enough, and there will be days when I am hungrier than I am on others, so I guess, I’m banking those calories for when I really want to eat something.  Seriously, why eat if your body isn’t hungry?

Also, I have discovered that when I eat a full meal, I am hungrier later.  So, I am going to only eat a small amount when I am peckish.  I do this on the weekends, and I don’t eat nearly as much when I am at home as I do at work, which is completely backwards.  I sit at work and I am active at home.  I think eating at work is more the boredom factor than anything, so that needs addressed.  Also, that whole schedule thing.

As to working out, I really need to get my average steps closer to 10,000 per day, which will increase my distance and calories burned automatically.  And I’d like to get my average floors climbed per day up to 10.  So, let’s see how this week goes.

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  1. Delighted Hands Says:

    Oh, so easy to go backwards. The road to reduction is SO much harder but you can do it!

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