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Since I have not been blogging as much since I started my podcast, I have noticed the number of spam comments have gone down tremendously.  Hmmm…

Now that tax season is over and fiber show season begins this week (Sandy and I are going to The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana, Friday afternoon so if you see us there, please say hi!), I want to pick back up on the blogging.  I’ve missed it very much.  I am hoping to find a nice balance between the podcast and the blog with what I talk about and what pictures I show.  There will be some cross over, no doubt, but there will be some things only on the blog, and some things only on the podcast so those of you who participate in both don’t get bored.

Also, I want to use the blog as an addition to some of the podcasts.  For example, when I do some of the dyeing podcasts, I will have recipes and notes on the post for that podcast where I show it and talk about the dyeing experiment or activity.  Or, when I am talking about fleeces, I can list here where Sandy and I purchase them so you can get some raw fleeces for yourselves, too.  I guess I want to use the blog to add to the podcasts with much more than the non-existent show notes.  It means some preplanning needs to be done on my part, but I should have time for that, now.

Also, I want to do some series here.  Maybe have a certain day of the week focused on my fitness and food journey so those who aren’t interested will know not to bother checking that day.  Another day focused on what I am reading, watching and learning.  Things like that.  What do you think?  Maybe turn the blog into a weekly magazine of sorts with different days hosting different features and articles, and maybe some fiction or special photography thrown in on occasion for a bonus.  I’d also like to feature another craft or craftsman once in a while here as well as the podcast.

Mind you, I am just thinking out loud here, but feedback from you all would be most welcome.

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  1. Sandy O' Says:

    I always check you blog, the podcasts are fun but I don’t always have time to sit and listen. So please keep blogging.

  2. Delighted Hands Says:

    I miss your blog posts! I don’t tweet so the blog and other bloggers are my daily go-to! Posting progress on what you are making, thinking, doing is all good!

  3. Barb Fessler Says:

    I think you have a great idea! I love learning different things and enjoy other peoples ideas, recipes and fittness tips. I know for sure I’lll read you blog every week.

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