All’s Quiet on the Midwestern Front

While we did get snow last night and the wind is pretty wicked this morning, we lucked out and have less than an inch of the white stuff and it’s supposed to be back up into the 50’s by Saturday, so it won’t last long.  I can deal with this.

I am so sorry I have been so quiet on all of the social media sites.  It has been rather difficult at work lately, my mood has not been all that great, and I’ve been fighting deadlines and headaches (the real kind) for a couple of weeks now.  I think I just need a day at home, some sunshine and some fiber therapy.  With all luck, I hope to have one of these days on Saturday.  I hope to spend a good part of the afternoon that day with the skirting table and several fleeces, skirting and monkey-grooming them and getting them ready to wash.  And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll see a robin that day.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than that, the only creative thing going on is a pair of socks and a couple of doll skirts.  I do intend to record a podcast on Sunday, so I’ll show them off to you then.

I just hope that silly groundhog is right his year.  I can use an early spring.

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  1. Delighted Hands Says:

    Hang in there….look forward to your next podcast. Knit to keep calm!
    Sending a hug!

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