The Tale of Two Hats

Okay, I knitted a couple of hats as Christmas gifts for two of my nieces.  The first one I made using the needles sizes as specified in the pattern – 6 for the ribbing and 7 for the main part of the hat.  It fit me rather snuggly and, while I figured it would fit the smallest of the two nieces (4’10”), I knew it would not fit the taller of the two nieces (5’7″ ish).

The second one I changed the needles to 7 for the ribbing and 8 for the main part of the hat.  I also reversed the colors so they would look differently.  I was completely shocked at the size difference between them.  For what it is worth, I love the fit of the second one.

size difference

One needle size difference.  That is all.  Same yarn, same pattern, just one size of needles being the difference.

Which makes you think about how changing the needle size on something like a sweater, which is much larger than a hat.  Which, again, make you think about gauge and gauge swatches.  If nothing else shows the importance of doing a gauge swatch, this does for me.

Interesting lesson, eh?


Hat pattern is: Celtic Fair Isle Beret knitted with Cascade 220 in Twilight Blue (dark) and Robin’s Egg Blue (light).



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  1. Delighted Hands Says:

    I think it is a beautiful experiment that ended with two beautiful hats!
    Nice work-your nieces are going to be thrilled!

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