Fiber Pusher Podcast Episode 31 – August 12, 2015



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  1. Christine Says:

    Very long comment – sorry!

    I have a bit of insider info on the state fair judging for knitting: they actually listened to the complaints from last year and looked for a new judge. Found a local, but it being her first year judging also hired an out-of-state experienced state fair judge to help… who didn’t show. Obviously something went awry with the owl hat category (which was judged very late in the day when everyone was dead tired) and the hat winning has since been fixed (no ribbons, no win – also, as a side note, a LOT of people enter things in the wrong category! Most got moved, this one for whatever reason didn’t end up in the right place).

    Looking at the knitting *as a whole* it is pretty well judged this year, certainly better than last year (I didn’t even see the felted hat, but I have so many things I could point to from comments on my own entries from last year’s judge that had me not put much stock at all in the results!). Important thing is that the mistake got fixed as soon as they were made aware, and in general every thing else was done pretty well.

    There was no best in show of knitting this year. The purple ribbons are for best in category (knitted garment, baby stuff, kids stuff, afghan/other). Kind of sad they took that overall award away, but they upped the prize money for the best in show for category, so meh 🙂

    They do seem to want more entries – this year we were able to enter 2 instead of 1 item per class, so I don’t understand the price increase one bit, and find that that along with the pick-up being on a Monday is still pretty prohibitive for entering. I live further away from Indy, and if I didn’t have a very flexible work schedule, I wouldn’t be able to enter. The only way for the fair to devote more energy/money/expertise to these categories is if people keep entering. Next year will be a different judge again, and who knows, this one might be the very best ever!

  2. Christine Says:

    and after doing a quick bit of research, I may now know why they did away with the overall knitting best in show!

    So the felted hat – being aghast that it won best of show in knitting is fine, but that it did has more to do with the state fair categories than the judge being incompetent or something like that. Last year, the felting classes were within the knitting category, and so those felted items were in the mix for that overall best in show in knitting. While it may not have been everyone’s choice, it was a legitimate one.

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