What’s this? An actual blog post????

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I miss writing blog posts and want to go back to doing them when I can.  So, in the meantime, I want to show you the results of the sock knitting class I taught in June.  The final class was this past Monday and all six of my students finished their socks.


Cindy was the first one done with her sock and it fit very well!!  She’s a continental knitter and was fast!  She used Opal yarn.


Mary was the second one to finish.  Don’t you just love that yarn?  And I love that jaunty foot position for the photo.  The yarn is Opal.


Then was Sweet Becky.  Hers was not Opal yarn, but I caught her buying Opal when the class was over.  She wore her sock home. 😉


This is Lu.  She’s a wonderfully nice lady.  Her yarn was Opal, too.  Sense a theme here?


And Judy’s sock is going to her husband since it ended up fitting him and not her.  She’s going to drop a needle size for her own pair.  She was funny, too!  And, yes, this is Opal yarn, why do you ask? 😉


And Agnes!  I love Agnes.  She has a terrific sense of humor and kept us all in stitches.  She wore her sock home, too.  And if it looks familiar, go back up and look at Lu’s sock.  Yes, not only Opal, but the identical colorway.  🙂


Lu wearing hers home, too.  I love happy students!!!  You guys made the best class and I look forward to having you in other classes I teach.


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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    Let’s infiltrate the world with sock knitter; it will be a happier place!!! Good job, Miss Teacher!

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