Week in Review – Not Covered in the Podcast

This last week was a busy one, but with it being this time of year, they all are.  I covered a main aspect of my week in Episode 9 of the Fiber Pusher Podcast, but there were a few things that didn’t get covered.  Those are:


The advanced spinning class (with one beginning student) at Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana.  From left to right, this is Brenda, Pat and Heather.  Pat and Heather are the ones who accompanied me to Ohio Valley right after Thanksgiving, and I think Brenda is planning to come with us when we go back and pick up the rest of our processed fleeces next month.

Pat and Brenda started out working on adding beads in while plying.  Since Brenda’s wheel has such a small orifice (less than 1/2″), I had them plying with sewing thread and smaller beads, but Pat definitely could use larger beads on another single on her wheel (a Matchless).

adding beads1

Pat chose peach thread and coppery beads to go with her dark brown Corriedale single.


Brenda chose pale yellow thread and green beads for hers.  I can’t wait until I get to see the swatches knitted up from these samples.


Heather brought a multi-colored single and learned how to Navajo ply – she’s a natural at it.  Far better than my first (or second or third) attempt was at it.

After Pat finished her beaded yarn, we decided she needed to work on her long draw technique, so she was handed some more of the dark brown Corriedale, and after a few minutes of getting the hang of it, off she went.


Mind you, I need to find another of these T-shirts for me.  I absolutely adore it!!!

The last couple of Sundays, I have been going over to a friend’s house to make living room drapes and shears for her.  We got the hardware all installed and the shears done the first Sunday, and yesterday, I got the drapes done except for the hemming.



Here they are in the position they will be most of the time.  I want to hand hem them so that there is no sewing line across the bottom.

curtains closed

This picture of them closed is much closer to the real colors.  They look very pretty and really dress up her living room.  The deep red of the roses match the accent wall nearly perfectly.

Other than that, I have been cooking lots and lots.


All made from scratch and all tasty.  I love cooking when I have the time, even if that time is from 5AM until 6:30AM.

Other than that, I’ve been weaving, knitting, working and working out some design ideas.


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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    Sounds like a bit of a fiber oasis in the middle of the desert for you! Beautiful spinning going on-nice stuff. You did an excellent job on the draperies!

  2. Leigh Says:

    Gorgeous yarns! Have to agree about the draperies; excellent job!

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