The Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, Michigan

As you know, this past weekend, Sandy and I were at The Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, MI. This was our first year there, even though it is their 8th year having the fair. The weather was lovely – sunny, in the 60’s and, although the wind could be a bit biting, in the lea of the buildings it was just fine. The drive up and back was uneventful (the best kind) and it was very easy to find. There were three buildings dedicated to the fiber fair (and the covered walk-ways between the buildings). Size-wise, it was about the size of the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan if there were nothing outside of the main buildings.


Here is what our booth looked like. We opted for a 10 X 15 booth, which was about as small as we dared go. We fit, but we had to do some condensing of the tie-dye area to do so.

business end

For us, the business has shifted and, while we are thankful for the tie-dye sales to earn the money to buy and process our first fleeces, it is time to let the tie-dyed stuff go and focus on giving hand-spinners what they want. That was our goal all along, anyway. Keep an eye on the shop beginning sometime next week. The tie-dye is going on clearance sale.

price sign b4

This is what the Fiber Menu looked like before the fair began. We sold out of three more fibers completely, and way down on many others. The biggest sellers of the weekend were Willow the Cormo (D-RV-13-0010) and the Cotswold (D-RV-14-0004). Willow is very nice and that Cotswold is like petting a cloud! And to our surprise, the new organic, natural-colored organic cotton we took nearly sold out as well. It’s not in the shop, yet, nor is the new, white Polwarth we have. I need to get good pictures of them before I can put them up in the shop. We completely sold out of the natural brown Polwarth we had, so it’s a good thing we have another fleece (from the same source and with a micron count of 15.5) being processed now.


These are our neighbors across the way from us, and let me tell you, they were sweet, funny and a blast to be next to. Vanessa Clinton of V Yarn was so sweet and even helped me break down one of the wire cubie sections at the end of the show. I just fell in love with all of them.

And there were animals there!



One of these is Humphrey and I didn’t find out the name of the other. Still, they were interesting and huge!!!


I love that spotted alpaca! I would love to have taken her home with me and it’s a good thing Scott wasn’t there because he has wanted an alpaca for several years now. She was so pretty!

There were also tons of bunnies there being sold and many went home with new families.

knitters handshake

Here is Vanessa demonstrating the “Knitter’s handshake” on the owner of this beautiful Evenstar shawl. Really, it just makes me want to get my own version started. I have the pattern and the yarn, so all I need is the time and confidence. Maybe this will be my 2015 project and I can start it in January.

wooden shoes

A gentleman walked by wearing wooden shoes. He said they were warm and comfortable and, since they were made from poplar, they are water-proof as well. Cool!


So, will we do this fiber fair again next fall? Absolutely!!!

I’ll get pictures of my purchases (only two) and talk about them later – maybe tomorrow. I have so much to get done this week at home. Sandy and I are teaching a class this Saturday, and my oldest niece is moving in with us on Sunday, and I still have to finish prepping for the class and finish getting Kim’s suite of rooms (fancy for bedroom and bath room) ready for her. Whew! It’s a good thing I hate being bored.

The inventory has been updated and the shop is back on-line, now!

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