Kokomo Comic Con and Mary Jane Socks


Saturday was the Kokomo Comic Con and the last comic con of the year for Scott and I.  We had a great day, sold several Johnny Saturn books and I got to actually sit and rest for a while.

While I sat and rested, I finished these:


These are my Mary Jane Socks and I love them.  They fit very well (I have them on today) and are comfortable.  They are made using left overs from two pairs of socks and I still have a bit of each yarn left over, just not enough for a sock.  I put them with the rest of my left over sock yarn bits and bobs and you never know what they will become one day.


I finished these several weeks ago, but I never showed you the finished product.  These are for my SIL, although I don’t think I am going to get to deliver them until Thanksgiving.  It was the left overs from this pair that ended up being the main body of the Mary Jane Socks.

Yesterday, I worked hard from 10AM until about 5:30PM sorting and organizing on my studio in order that I can move my bedroom down into it.  I now have room for my bed, empty shelves for clothes and soon will have a rod up to hang clothes.  The studio bathroom now has a shower curtain and a new toilet seat and will have a towel rack hung before too long.  Then I started moving stuff out of my current bedroom to make way for Kim, my oldest niece, to move in on November 2nd.  I’m about 50% done with that, but I need to find more places to put yarn and other supplies.

Speaking of yarn – does anyone need any Sugar & Cream cotton yarn?  I have too many in lots of different colors.  Obviously, they knit up into great wash cloths, but they also weave up into great baby blankets.  If you want what I have, please let me know and we’ll see about getting them to you.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week ahead.  Don’t forget that Sandy and I will be at the Fiber Expo in An Arbor, Michigan next Saturday and Sunday with Dyed in the Wool.



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  1. Sandy O' Says:

    I just love the Mary Jane socks. I’m in a sock knitting mood and am looking for different patterns. Sounds like you are super busy again. By the way, would you please reserve me next year’s Fiber Binder Collection?

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