Total Lunacy

Last night, I read about the total lunar eclipse that was to take place this morning and saw that in our neck of the woods, it would start soon after 5 AM.  Since that is not long before my normal get up time, I decided to get up and watch it.  And I asked Scott if he wanted to join me.  Surprisingly, he said yes (it’s his day off and normally he would sleep in).

So, at 5:08AM, Scott and I were sitting outside, tea mugs in hand and started watching the show.  It took an hour and a quarter to go from full to eclipsed.  Up front, I will apologize at my camera’s quality, but I had to try to record it somehow.


Lovely full moon.


A bite taken out of the moon.


A bit more.


About half-way done.


By this point, Scott and I started noticing more stars.  With the full moon glowing brightly in the sky, only the brightest stars could be seen.  At this point, you could see quite a bit of the Milky Way.


And the blood moon.  I tried to get a picture of the whole, red moon, but my camera just could not get it.  Too bad.

The last time Scott and I watched a lunar eclipse was on our Honeymoon down in North Carolina.  Since that was nearly 30 years ago, it’s about time we did this again.

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  1. missy Says:

    So jealous. We used to do this at the big house. Big brothers are great like that.

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