This weekend was one of rest for me.  Saturday morning, both Scott and I woke up tired.  The busy weekend before, a long week at work, and being at the half century mark all added up, so we decided to take it easy.  So I knitted most of the day and did little else.

I finished the socks I knitted for my SIL (and forgot to take pictures of them all done), but did not feel I had the thinking capacity to work on my Kethry socks.  So I look around to see what I had.

what to do

I had left overs from my Disco socks and Missy’s socks.  Quite a bit of left overs actually since that bottom right ball is a full one.  And they seems to go together.  Hmmm…

twinkle toes

By the end of the weekend, I had this done.  Both toes and feet and one had the first wedge of Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel done.  Don’t let how short they look fool you.  The box stitch I am using for the tops of the feet squoosh down quite a bit, and it did measure to the 5.5 inches I needed before starting this type of heel.  I know I have enough of the green to do the toes and heels of both socks, and I’m betting I can get both cuffs done as well.  The little bit you see here of the colorful one is left over from my SIL’s socks and I still haven’t touched the full ball yet, so I will have plenty to finish them – and probably left-overs as well.  I’ve always wanted a pair of socks with the toes, heels and cuffs in a different color, and now I am going to have them.

So, these are going to be twinkle-toes (and heels and cuffs) socks.  🙂

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  1. Dixie Lawyer Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! Doing GREAT!

  2. DelightedHands Says:

    Therapy knitting…Good for what ails you! And pretty socks are a bonus!!!

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