My Sox Life

With two nights in a row of sleep interrupted by a skunk getting mad at something near our house, I decided that last night was knit night while watching Gynx’s latest podcast, and an older one from Knitting in Circles.

missy socks 80

I knit on my SIL’s second sock for a while.  I’m nearly 1/2 way from the gusset to the toe and I really hope I can finish them up by the end of the weekend so I can get them to her.  I’m going to have enough yarn left over to do something with, but I don’t know what, yet.  Actually, I have lots of left over sock yarn that needs to become something or somethings.  Maybe more “ugly socks” that uses up lots of bits of left overs.

Kethry start

I also worked on the Kethry socks by Spilly Jane.  Both socks are through the cuff and 2 rows into the lace chart of the leg.  I am going to like knitting these very well.  The chart is well-written and the lace part is not daunting at all.  These would make a great beginning lace sock knitting pattern and I may consider using this pattern to teach a class on knitting lace socks and chart reading.  I’d happily pay the $6 per student in order to use this pattern.

Even though I have to pay closer attention to the pattern and what I am doing with these socks, I think they are going to knit up pretty fast.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    Oh, beautiful socks! It’s nice to have a sock mood upon you!

  2. sue o Says:

    Thanks for reminding me it is time to get back to my sock knitting before the “W” season sets in. Curious what brand circs you are using, I have always wanted to try small circs!

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