Weekend Recap

I took Friday and Monday off work to work on the house – specifically my studio bathroom and studio. Friday morning, first, thing, I scrubbed the studio (actually master bedroom) bathroom from top to bottom. It had been used as a store room for about 15 years housing such things as a mental shelving unit of extra paper and office supplies, a 4-drawer lateral file cabinet, extra storage containers and boxes, bags of fiber that had no other place to hide, and so forth. The metal shelf and lateral file cabinet left rusty marks on the floor and the place was just dusty and cobwebby. It looked much better just getting all of that cleaned up.

Friday afternoon, I taped off all I could reach of the bathroom (the area above the tub was just plain old out of my reach) and painted the first coat of the yellow (except for that part I couldn’t reach) and the one and only coat of the sage green. Saturday morning I asked Scott to help me with the area I couldn’t reach and by 10 AM, I just had to wait for the paint to dry.

Saturday afternoon, my former college roomie with whom I am still good friends, and I went to the Noblesville Historic Home Tour. We walked the entire thing and I had my 10,000 steps in well before we hit the last house. Lots of beautiful older homes and I brought home several ideas. The weather was perfect, my friend and I caught up with one another and it was just all ways of enjoyable.

Sunday morning came and I took down all of the tape and began moving things into the studio bathroom as well as beginning the final steps of getting my studio up and working.

studio bathroom

The studio bathroom is done except for a couple of items (new toilet seat and shower curtain). I am very pleased with how this went together. The bags of fleece on the top of the shelving units needs to be washed and the rest are ones I am spinning, want to spin or are set aside for students to spin. The small wooden unit holds my natural dyes and the two hot plates on the counter are for doing some natural dyeing this winter.

The studio itself is still a mess, but Scott and I moved in the huge bookcases from the living room with all of my fiber related books and that took hours to get done. Right now, I think one more full day of work in there will get it all organized and I am hoping that full day will be this coming Saturday.

Monday was spent catching up the laundry, getting the cooking for the week done and teaching the final sock knitting class.

Speaking of the sock knitting class, I had two students show up for the final class (the other student had a death in the family and we’ll get hers finished up once she is back in town).

tamara sock

Charlene sock

Didn’t they do great jobs? I am so proud of both of them and they were both cast on and ready to begin their second sock by the time they left. I love teaching this class!

As for my socks, I managed to finish what Sandy has termed my “disco socks.”

disco socks

This is the first pair I get to keep and wear that were knit toe up and with the Sweet Tomato Heel. I love them. That Sweet Tomato Heel is very comfortable and very easy to knit and memorize. I still love the heel flap and turn, but I will be knitting more socks with the Sweet Tomato Heel.

And I am finishing up a languishing UFO. I knit this first sock of a pair for my SIL and promptly lost the second ball of yarn. While cleaning on my studio, I found it and am well on the way to getting them finished for her.

As I was knitting on them yesterday while waiting for the dryer to kick off, I realized the colors in it matched the dye pants I was wearing (why wear good clothes when you are cleaning).

sock match dye pants

Cool, eh?

And that was my weekend in a nutshell. I did take time-lapse pics of the studio bathroom getting done and on the reorganization and set up of my studio, so I’ll get them all put together once the studio is completely done and upload it for you to see.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    I really like seeing all the socks! Great job on the studio!

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