2014 Indiana State Fair Sheel to Shawl – Part II

Before we go on, let me introduce you to my fellow judge.

2 judges

That’s me on the left and Jessica Madsen on the right.  It was a complete joy working with Jessica.  She and I fell into a quick rapport and we got the job done smoothly.  I hope I get to work with her again in the future.

Okay, back to the competition.  Rather than do each portion broken down by the order things happened, I am going to break this down by team until we get to the time to announce the winners and the auction.

silent spinners surgery

Here are the Silent Spinners with their scarf off of the loom and getting the finishing touches done to it before turning it in for judging.

finished silent spinners scarf

This is an up-close and personal look at their finished scarf.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Jessica with Silent Spinners scarf

And it looks wonderful worn as well.  These young ladies should be very proud of their scarf.

wonder wheels surgery

Next is the Wonder Wheels finishing their scarf.

finished wonder wheels scarf

And a close-up of their scarf.  I love the indigo warp on this.  Nice colors!

Jessica with wonder wheels scarf

And here is how it looks on.  Very pretty.

ladybugs surgery

And the Lady-Bugs finishing up their scarf.  This always reminds me of surgeons working on a patient.

finished ladybug scarf

And I think their patient came out very well, don’t you think?

Jessica with ladybugs scarf

This one is one of my favorites because of the colors.  Happy!

messy pirates

Next is the Pirates of the Treadle.  As they worked, their area got messier and messier.  One of the boys later told me that their wool for spinning was full of VM and was slightly felted from being washed and they were just tossing aside the stuff they couldn’t use so as not to waste time with it.  I did not get a picture of their scarf just off the loom as I was already into the judging process by the time they finished the weaving portion.

finished pirates scarf

This is their finished scarf, though.  A very nice, masculine design and I love the coreopsis-dyed stripe down the middle.

finished dream team shawl

Again, the Dream Team removed their shawl from their loom while we were judging, so I did not get that picture taken, but here it is all finished.

reformed pirate

I think our reformed Pirate is enjoying himself very much.

And the last, but not least Adult team:

serendipity removing from loom

Removing it from the loom.

serendipity surgery

Finishing it up.

finished serendipity shawl

And its close-up.  Absolutely beautiful!  John said the pattern is a 6-thread herringbone.

final scarves

All of the youth team scarves in a row, ready for the auction.

finished shawls

And the two adult team shawls ready for auction.

So who won?

winning silent spinners

For the youth teams, it was the Silent Spinners!  And this is a much better picture of the green satin PJ’s from Sue’s grandmother.  I’m sorry that not all of the team members are included in this picture because they were all very happy with their win.

owner serendipity shawl

And for the adult team – Serendipity.  By the way, the wool came from her sheep and she won the bidding at the auction, so it is all hers.  Lucky lady!

And how much did everything earn at the auction?

1st Place Youth Team – The Silent Spinners – $375.00

2nd Place Youth Team – The Lady-Bugs of the Wheel – $350.00

3rd Place Youth Team – Wonder Wheels – $300.00

4th Place Youth Team – Pirates of the Treadle – $150.00

All of the proceeds from the Youth Teams’ winnings goes back into the program at Conner Prairie for next year.

1st Place Adult Team – Serendipity – $550.00!  Awesome!!

2nd Place Adult Team – The Dream Team – $375.00

It was a wonderful day and I have enjoyed my last fours years judging this competition.  Everyone involved was just amazing.

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