2014 Sheep to Shawl – Part I

Because I took so many pictures that are just too interesting not to share, I am splitting this into two posts like usual.  Today is the set up, and tomorrow will be the win portion.

Let’s start with the teams:

Youth teams – there were four of them, and they all were from Conner Prairie.  Once again, Sue Payne’s mentorship paid dividends, but in more ways than one as you will see later.

Team 1:

Silent Spinners team

The Silent Spinners.  Each member of the team chose a silent screen actress to become and their costumes were amazing.  Two of the costumes have a real history behind them as they originally belonged to Sue Payne’s grandmother.  One I failed to get a good picture of (the green satin PJs worn by the weaver), but the other…

Sues dress

Isn’t this dress stunning?  Printed crepe with black Spanish lace.  The young lady wearing it loved it and I can tell she was going to hate giving it up at the end of the event.  And it fits her like it was made for her.

Wonder Wheels Team

The second team was the Wonder Wheels based on characters from Alice in Wonderland.  And yes, the Red Queen was wearing a real hoop skirt while spinning.  Awesome!

Lady Bugs Team

The third team was the Lady-Bugs of the Wheel and, even though you can’t see it, one of the spinners even had a Ladybug spinning wheel from Schacht.

Lady Bugs Sample Scarves

I really loved their practice scarves, especially the one on the far right, which they used as the basis for their competition scarf as you will see.

Pirates Team

Of course, no competition would be complete without the infamous Pirates of the Treadle, the all boys team.

Pirates Sample Scarves

And their sample scarves.  I really like that right one with its indigo stripe down the middle.

Now, I’ll introduce the two adult teams.  The first team is a very special one and everyone was so glad they were there.  This is where Sue Payne’s previous mentorship comes in – all of the team members are former Conner Prairie Youth Team members.

Dream Team team

The Dream Team.  The young man is a former Pirate, so the girls obviously managed to civilize him. 🙂

Serendipity team

The other adult team was Serendipity with John Salamone as the weaver.

Serendipity yarn1

I loved that they brought skeins of hand-spun yarns to show off.

Serendipity yarn3

They were all so beautiful, but…

Serendipity yarn2

… I really love that left-hand skein spun by Mary Van Hook.  She said she had three total.  Hmmm…

Just to give you a teaser of what is coming tomorrow, I’ll give you a sneak peek of their scarves/shawls.

Silent Spinner 1st glance

The Silent Spinners – you can see a glimpse of the green, satin PJ’s that once belonged to Sue Payne’s grandmother here.

Wonder Wheels 1st glance

Wonder Wheels

Lady Bugs 1st Glance

Lady-Bugs – Isn’t that pattern with its colors just delightful?

Pirates 1st glance

Pirates – a nice and masculine scarf.

Dream Team 1st glance

The Dream Team from underneath.  She had just advanced the loom and there wasn’t enough on top to give you a good look at it.

Serendipity 1st glance

And Serendipity’s.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up where the team take them from the looms through the auction process.  Same bat time, same bat channel.

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