State Fair Report – Coming Soon

I’m having issues with my laptop.  First, it got stuck downloading my pictures from my camera, then it wouldn’t let me process anything in Photoshop without the computer locking up.  So, I did a disk clean-up and a defrag (which took almost 10 hours to do its thing).  I am hoping that tonight it will behave and let me get the pictures processed and uploaded.

One thing of which I didn’t get pictures, so I can talk about it separately, was my trip to the Wool Room at the sheep barn (Blue Ribbon Pavilion).  I have been able to find some great fleeces to purchase there in the past and I wanted to see what was for sale there this year.  Most of the fleeces I looked at had way too much VM for me to even consider.  One had a bad case of scurf, which made it completely unacceptable.  One was a deep black, Shetland lamb fleece with no VM in it.  I pulled a lock off to strength test it and it snapped in two with hardly a tug.  I dug through it and tested another lock.  Same thing.  I have never seen such a brittle fleece.  It was too bad because there wasn’t a white bit in it and it was a good, true black.  I was heart-broken for the owners of it because it was good only for mulch.

So, I bought no fleeces there this year.  Too bad, too, as I really like giving local shepherds first dibs on my fleece budget.  I guess I’ll have to see what MFF has for us.

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    Good luck with your laptop. It can be so frustrating when they act up like that.

  2. DelightedHands Says:

    Two strikes-the computer and the wool!

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