You know that I told people that if they bought a spindle at the fair that I would teach them how to spin. Well, most of those people who brought a spindle back had purchased them from David Shepherd at Shepherd’s Custom Woodworking, who was across the aisle and a couple booths to the left of us. I have no idea how many people bought from him because of this, but it must have been several because David gave me this as a thank you.


This is one of his mini’s and it weighs only .6 of an ounce, perfect for spinning lace weight. I love it that he puts the year it was made on the shaft.  I’ll be giving this a whirl!

Also, David and I got to talking about some of his needle stands, and between the two of us doing measurements and looking over the best way to set them up, he is going to create a lazy-kate for spindles. I asked for a cherry one, so when he gets it done, I’ll test out the prototype and we’ll see where we can go from there. This is pretty exciting.

I love fiber fairs and festivals. The people there love what they do so much and are always looking for a better, more efficient way to do what we love doing.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    What a beautiful spindle! So happy you got to brain storm with him-awesome creativity will result!

  2. Barb Fessler Says:

    You sure did have a great idea. Lovely little spindle.

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