Inventory gone!

Last night I spent two hours getting the inventory updated on Dyed in the Wool from what sold at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival.

What sold best? Well, unlike previous years, it was all across the board.  The Cormo/Columbia – both white and gray – were very popular as was Rufus the 2013 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion Cormo.  The developing breed of Dor Galen sold out completely (I managed to swipe about 1 ounce for Sandy and I to play with) and there are several that are nearly gone. The Romeldale, Shetland, the mixed breed dark brown wool, Teeswater locks, BFL, Corriedale and East Fresian all sold very well, too.

It was very interesting what all people were planning to make from them – everything from needle-felted animals to sweaters to woven rugs.  I just love all the creativity going on.  We asked several people to send us pictures of what they make from what they purchased from us, and I really hope they do.

Check out what is left before we go to Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival on June 6 and 7.  Once we are past that, I am going to revamp the inventory completely, and those with very little left may go away to be made into something else.  So, if you have been looking at something specific, I wouldn’t dawdle because I won’t promise how long it will be there.

And talking about Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, Sandy and I will be in Scott Hall this year, which is great.  It is the one building that is air conditioned!  See you there.


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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    So glad for these great results!

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