The Fiber Event Greencastle Indiana

Saturday saw Sandy and I in Greencastle, Indiana, home of DePauw University, attending this year’s Fiber Event.  This was the best year ever there.  For starters, the weather is usually abominable with freezing rain, sharp winds, snow, rain, whatever the worst that spring in Indiana can throw at it.  This year, it was sunny and got up into the low 70’s by the time we left.  In fact, the light jackets we took with us came off very quickly and were happily stowed away in the car.

We took five fleeces down with us to drop off at Ohio Valley Natural Fibers for processing – Three white Horned Dorsets, a rare black Horned Dorset and a lovely Coopworth.  We ended up leaving 10 fleeces with them!  We bought three more of those lovely white Cormo fleeces from Westfield Woolies (one of which was last year’s state fair champion) and two beautiful silver-gray (they even have a blueish cast to them) alpaca blankets from Windchimes Alpaca farm.  Windchimes is the farm we bought the great black alpaca last year (Ethan) that has all but sold out already.

We also purchased two Cormo/Border Leicester fleeces that we are washing by hand.  These two sheep are changing colors as they are getting older and there is a definite stripe in the fleece as the color changes (and, no, it is not a break in the fleeces as they are very sound).  There is no way we can lose this lovely happenstance by processing them commercially.  These are going to spin up so beautifully if they are spun lock by lock.

While there, I was looking for a tahkli support bowl, and I found one!


The glazing on this one caught my eye, and while it is not my usual style, I had to take it home with me.  I’m not a animal stripe kind of person and this looks zebra-y to me, but I tend toward earthly types of glazes.   But this one is simply striking and the earthly-toned ones didn’t get a second glance.  It was at The Woolery’s booth.

In one of the buildings, a booth selling fleeces and fiber had two wee Shetland sheep lambs in a playpen.  These are bottle lambs and they had no choice but to bring them along.  They were 3 days old.


And, needless to say, they were the hit of the place.  They were so cute!


Just look at that sweet little face!  Why were they bottle lambs?  Their mom had 4 babies and just could not feed them all, so these two are being hand-reared to give the other two a better chance with their mom.

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend.  How about you?

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    I’m so happy for you to hear you had wonderful weather over the weekend. I’m sure it’s so welcome after the long winter! Your new bowl is pretty! I had no idea diapers would fit on baby goats. So cute! Have a marvelous Monday!

  2. Sandy O' Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! I just LOVE baby lambs. My weekend was very nice. Had a great time at my “Drawing with Charcoal” class Saturday and a very pleasant mountain bike ride Sunday morning. The Easter Bunny must have been intimidated by Duffy, cause no basket was left at our house. Oh well, didn’t need the sugar anyway.

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