Would Someone Give Old Man Winter a Sleeping Pill?

Apparently Old Man Winter is having some insomnia issues because he woke up yesterday, plunging temperatures and bring this to us this morning:


It started as freezing rain, then changed to snow.  Someone please put the old dude back to sleep so we can get on with spring.

In other news, Walking Through China is up in the shop in both pattern and kit versions.  I am pretty pleased with both the pattern and the story that goes with it.

Stay warm!

3 Responses

  1. Sandy O' Says:

    I agree about Old Man Winter! I actually had to put on a jacket over my T-shirt and shorts this morning to walk the dog. (Guess that’s not quite the same as your morning winter.) The sock pattern looks very interesting. I can’t wait to see the hat and mittens!

  2. Cindy in FL Says:

    Poor Betty-she needs a visit to the spa, too!

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Sending warm wishes!

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