Trip to YarnCon

Sandy and I drove up to Chicago yesterday to attend YarnConDyed in the Wool has been invited to vend there, so we wanted to see it and talk to some of the other vendors there before making up our minds.  Right now, we are planning to be a vendor at the 2015 YarnCon.  Also, we were one of the first 50 people through the door, so we each got a goddie bag.  I love goodie bags!

I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the items we saw while there.  There was a lot of lovely, hand-dyed yarn as well as some touchable fibers, bags, jewelry, books, tools, handwoven/knitted/crocheted items, soaps and hand creams.  We bought a book from Cooperative Press


this book, which has some lovely, Egyptian-themed shawls in it.

When we decided it was time for lunch, Sandy and I walked to Paradise Grill.  It came highly recommended by a couple of those in charge of YarnCon, and they were right.


It was a slice out of Americana and watching the short-order cooks at the grill cooking up the food was entertaining.   And the food was good!  We will be eating there again.

One of the best things about YarnCon was the free parking and no admission fee.  This gave people the chance to shop more, and people definitely were shopping.  I saw lots of bags of goodies leaving the room where the booths were.

The trip up and back was quiet (except for an hour-long traffic jam on the way home).  I knitted on my SIL’s second sock of a pair, and got far more out of a 50 grams skein then I thought I would (a full, large sock and about 4 inches on the second sock’s leg).  I’ll have to dig up the second skein and finish this pair for her.


Of course, we never get tired of the wind farms along that stretch of I-65 in northwestern Indiana.  They were all turning slowly and looked like giants in some three-armed dance.  And they were so many of them – as far as the eye could see.

And it was a nice break from working on taxes, let me tell you!

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    You sure needed this break-so glad it was spot on for where you want to vend next year!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Sounds like you had a fun time! The red shawl in that photo is gorgeous! I love it! Such a unique design.

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