Winter Woolen Workshop – Winner!!!

Kokomo, Indiana, knows how to put on a fantastic event.  The Winter Woolen Workshop was a great way to start off 2014 for Sandy and I.  We took everything in the shop with us, tie dye and spinning fibers and we are glad we did.  A full 90% of what we sold was fiber and people were buying several of them by the pound.  If you check out the Spinning Fibers department, you will see one sold out completely and several inventory numbers are quite a bit lower than they were on Friday.


Here is our booth.  The layout could not have been better as people had plenty of room to shop and we could separate the fiber from the tie-dye for the most part.


We started this year’s shows off with 36 different fleeces in just about every natural color available.  The most popular here were the alpacas we brought.


This one sold out really quickly, and out of 4.7 pounds of the black alpaca (Ethan) we brought, we have a pound left.  One lady bought two pounds of the Cormo/Columbia to spin and knit her husband a sweater.  I’d love to see that sweater when it is done, because of all of the fibers I tested for this year, it was one of my favorites.

Another favorite of mine is the Teeswater/Cotswold fiber.  Sandy asked when she should spin on her spindle while there and I chose this fiber.  And look at what she is getting out of it!


She wants to spin up about an ounce in total and make a lace swatch from it.


I love how Ohio Valley Natural Fibers puts the pin drafted fiber into the bags.  It made weighing it out very easy.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you what else was there as well as take you on a tour of the mansion where the demonstrations and classes were.

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