Almost Done

I have five more new spinning fibers in the Dyed in the Wool shop.  Tomorrow, I’ll upload the final seven and the shop will be all caught up.  If I remember right, there are 36 natural-colored and white processed fleeces in total along with the few batts we have left.  And, soon we will have new batts and roving up that will be in all kinds of colors, but they aren’t ready, yet.

I know there are several of you waiting for the shop to be completely updated before placing your orders so you can choose from the complete collection, and tomorrow should see everything we have done up in the shop.  Whew!

Also, just to let you know, I do test-spin every fiber we sell so Sandy and I can know which shepherds and breeders to go back to and which ones to avoid.  If it is something we don’t like to spin, we don’t sell it.  It’s that simple.  We want to spin the best we can find and we sure as heck aren’t going to pass anything we don’t like on to you.  Our spinning projects are worth the best, don’t you think?

Also, when I say something is next-to-the-skin soft, I have tested that as well, too.  I place a piece of each fiber in turn against my skin and wear it there for an entire day while I work.  If it is forgotten and only remembered when I get undressed for bed at night, it is deemed next-to-the-skin soft.  If it itches me or drives me nuts, then it isn’t.  Again, I want to be as honest as I can be when I describe the fibers we sell.

For example, the black East Fresian fiber we sell?

East Fresian

It is a good, true black, but it is not next-to-the-skin soft.  In fact, it is pretty coarse, but knits up into great mittens.  You don’t want your mittens to be made of something soft that won’t wear well.  The East Fresian is awesome for mittens.  My hubby says the mittens I knit for him make his hands instantly warm when he is cleaning his windshield on a -16F morning.  That means everything to me.

Remember, there is no such thing as bad wool.  There are bad uses for certain wools.  Some are meant to swaddle a newborn baby, some are meant to be shawls, some are meant to be blankets, some are meant to be sweaters or socks, some are meant to be mittens, some are meant to be house insulation, and some are meant to be mulch.  You just need to pair the right wool with the right job.

Have a warm and wooly day!

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    I’m chomping at the fiber bit! Wool is good….

  2. Sandy O' Says:

    That looks like something I could use for tapestry weaving or Navajo rugs. I’d better start saving up!

  3. thecrazysheeplady Says:


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