At the Border

The blanket is now to the border part and I have to say a huge Thank You to Knit Picks for the couplers for their cables.  I have coupled together two 60″ ones and a 40″ one and it goes around the whole thing quite nicely.  The border is going to take a while to get through, though – it takes 2 hours to knit one row and there are going to be 12 rows in it.  Still, it is so nice to be at this stage.

It has been raining here for three solid days and everything is flooded.  I’d rather have snow on the ground. At least the walking was easier.  Now everything is just squishy and you need waders to go anywhere.

Sorry to sound so grumbley about the rain.  I need some sunshine and blue skies for a couple of days.

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    Don’t blame you! Knitting sounds wonderful, though!

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