You Can’t Win Them All

Last night, Sandy and I set up our tie dye booth at a first-time Christmas Bazaar in Fishers, IN. Here is what our area looked like:

upper left

When you walked in the front door and looked up to the left, here is what you saw.


And, then up to the right.  We had the catwalk and it was a perfect place for us, really.  It gave us lots of scope to advertise what we had and the layout was just a nice, straight line.


And when you got off the elevator, you saw this.  We really liked this location.


We had plenty of colorful merchandise, too.


We even had a new member of the “staff” starting with us.  Meet Sebastian. For some reason, I think he looks kind of like a friend’s son, Joey, and Joey’s middle name is Sebastian, so I named our new staff member Sebastian.  I think he looks great in the last hat we have in stock (and it’s on sale for 30% off, too).

So, we had plenty of stuff for sale, and so did all of the other small merchants who showed up.  The one thing we didn’t have was customers.  I think only two people other than the merchants and those who organized the bazaar were there.  I know it is their first year, and that they learned a lot from this experience, but two things I could comment on was the lack of signs for it (if you didn’t know it was there, there was no way you could stumble across it because there were no signs at the intersection or at the building it was in), and the source of advertisement – Facebook.  For these kind of things, the minimum advertising should have been newspaper (because people still read their local newspapers on line) and radio.  Facebook is all well and good to add to this, but, of the friends you have on there, how many of them are local?

So, if the organizers decide to do this next year, I hope they think of signage and advertising to being in more people.  And, maybe next year, they can have the lights on in more of the building.  Our cat walk got really dark as the sun went down.

We did have one sale, though.  One of our fellow merchants bought a couple of burp cloths from us, so it wasn’t a total wash for us.  But I do know the lady next to us sold nothing, and for that I am really sad.

3 Responses

  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    Wow, that is disappointing…

    Hoping they will learn from their mistakes…word of mouth and advertising sure does make a big difference! Better results next year for sure!

  2. Sandy O' Says:

    I’ve seen your products and you would have sold bunches! It’s a shame that so much work was done with little results! I’ve seen other craft shows that didn’t put in the cost for advertising and lost vendors in the next years setup. Good luck on the next one!

  3. RITA Says:

    That sure is disappointing! I think advertising locally in in the newspaper is the way to go as well as word of mouth. I know if I hear of some Bazaar it is usually word of mouth.

    Facebook is a nice tool but it does not reach the local people.

    Hope the organizers take your suggestions and Good Luck next year!!

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