The Holiday Season and More Photography Challenge

Now December has began and there are only a little over 3 weeks until Christmas.  I have been doing some looking into how Christmas was celebrated in different time periods.  And the following is what I have found:

Victorian Farm Christmas – Part One, Part Two and Part Three

A Tudor Feast at Christmas

Wartime Farm Christmas (WWII)

If you know of others that you think we would like to see, please send me their links.


Yes, I know I still need to get my “Y” and “Z” shots uploaded, but I wanted to see if those of you who are part of the Alphabet Photography Challenge that has been going on the last 6 months would be interesting in ending it with one more challenge – What the Holiday Season Means to Me.  Take the next 3+ weeks to take pictures of what this season means to you and how you and your family celebrate it.  Then, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, post those pictures and share this part of your life with the rest of us.

And, if you have not been a part of the challenge, but would like to join us with this last part of 2013, please do so.  The more ways we can share the holiday spirit with one another, the nicer it will be.  And, when you have posted your photos, please let me know so I can link to them.

And may the entire holiday season be one of blessings to you and your families.  Let us end 2013 with love and peace and good tidings.


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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    I’m in! What a great way to close out the year! Thanks…

  2. Sandy O' Says:

    Camera is ready! We don’t do much for Christmas, Pat puts an electric train under the tree. However, my niece and her husband will be here the week before Christmas, so we will be celebrating early!
    I just love watching the “Farm” series!

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