Count Down to Dye Day 2013

Beginning tomorrow, I will be spending all waking hours working toward Dye Day on Monday Oct 14th. For those of you who are planning to come, my list of dyes is currently looking like this:

Indigo – 2 vats, one for blue and one to over dye other colors

Weld – bright yellow

Osage Orange – a slightly greenish yellow that overdyes beautifully with indigo for a great grass green.

Onion skins (mix of orange and purple) – a great brassy gold color

Cochineal with tin – scarlet

Cochineal with copper – purple

Walnut with iron – dark brown

Logwood – purples to browns

Brazilwood with alum – magentas to peaches

Turmeric – scream orangey-yellow

Black Oak Bark – bright yellow (overdyed with cochineal with tin should give a hunter orange)

I am toying around with a couple of other dyes to add to the mix, but I am still doing my research on them.  I’ll let you know in a day or two the finalized list.

If you are a sheep breeder in or around Pendleton, Indiana, and would like to bring fleeces to sell, please do.  Also, the Trading Post for Fiber Arts will be open for those of you needing yarn or fiber to dye (Susan also carries the most luxurious spinning fibers like cashmere, baby camel, yak, silk blends, too) as well as yarn, books or supplies for other projects.  You really need to check out what she has because her selection is fantastic!

Also, bring your spinning wheel, knitting, bobbin lace stuff, etc., to work on while your fiber cooks.  There will be canopies to sit under for shade and we love seeing what you are working on.

Here are the instructions for preparing your fiber or yarn for Dye Day.  Remember to bring smaller samples to dye at first to give everyone a chance to play with the colors (each pot will be set up to dye about 1 pound of fiber total), but once everyone has their samples, you can dye larger quantities until the dye pots are exhausted. As the colors in the pots diminish, several give pastel shades or the colors can change altogether as the main colors are reduced.  If you are a rug hooker, please bring fat quarters to dye at first, but then you can dye larger pieces later to get other shades.

Last year we ran out of stuff to dye before the indigo was all gone, so bring extra items to plunk into the indigo vats and watch the magic as the colors shift from yellow-green to blues.

Also, remember that this is an outdoor-over-open-fires event, so please dress accordingly.  Homeschool groups are very welcome to come, but children under school age aren’t encouraged due to the fires and pots of boiling water.  The last thing I want is a child to be burned or scalded accidentally.

The lunch is a pitch-in, so bring something to share.  I will be providing paper plates, plasticware, cups and bottled water.

This is a free to the public event (there will be a donations box to help pay for dyes for next year if you want to help keep this event going), so bring your friends and get them hooked on natural dyeing as well.  It begins at 10AM and finishes up sometime between 3 and 4.  For the best colors, get there early because once the pots exhaust, that’s it for that pot.

Come, get messy and have lots of fun!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


4 Responses

  1. Sandy O' Says:

    Were you able to try the rabbitbrush or the pecan hulls? Good luck with the “Dye Day” I’ll be there next year!

  2. Cindy in FL Says:

    The only thing I can think to add is madder…it can be grown, too, in your area. Have a great time…one of these times, I am going to come!

  3. roxie Says:

    Oh, indigo! The one time I had a chance at an indigo vat, I wound up pulling off and dying my socks and underwear because it was SO MUCH FUN! I’m wishing you mild weather and lots of happy dyers. (And I’m wishing I could be there with you, but that’s just a wistful wish.)

  4. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    How far away are you? I’d love to run up for a bit…

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