Downtown Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati is very interesting.  It’s a small city, like Indianapolis, but it has some lovely details.  Some you have already seen in the “P” post, but here are some others.


When Scott and I got to the convention center, we unloaded the car of the booth stuff, then I drove the car back to the hotel to park it and walked back to the convention center.  Since the distance was only about 5 blocks, we left the car parked at the hotel during our stay and walked back and forth.  I am glad we did, too.  I would have missed following these two fellows walking to practice.  They were very absorbed in their discussion and had no idea anyone was around them anywhere.

Duke Energy Convention Center

Duke Energy Convention Center.  On Saturday, there was a crew either finishing up or touching up a wonderful mosaic mural on the building.  This is at the corner of 6th and Elm.


This and the rest were taken from the balcony of our hotel room/apartment, The Garfield Suites.  I know I said on Monday that I would show you our room, but I will save that for tomorrow.  It was a very interesting room and we will be staying there again next year.


Lots of interesting architecture from the turn of the 19th century to more recent.


I loved the mural painted on this building with all of the pigeons taking off in flight.  As for the black building next to it, I wonder what it housed?  Hmmmm….  😉


Looking the other way from the balcony down along the public walking area that I showed you in my “P” post.


Nearly the same shot as the sun set and the lights came on.

I had some fun with my camera taking the night time city shots.  I played around with some different settings and using the intersection, I wanted to see what I could get.  Most were blurry messes, but I got a couple that I really liked.


This one used the night time setting with the flash off.  It held the lens open for a second and I love the stretched out headlights from the moving car in the lower left corner.  I wish I had had a tripod and remote for this because it is hard to stand completely still for any length of time.


I used the action setting on this one, but focused on the center so that the traffic would be a blur while the setting would still be clear.  These shots take pretty quickly and this is the best of the bunch on that setting.

I can’t wait to get the DSLR camera I have picked out.  I would have loved to play around with even more settings and exposure lengths with this scene.  Maybe next year.

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    Very awesome pics-nice to think of what you can do with a powerful camera! I like the murals , too, we have a lot of them on our buildings around here.

  2. roxie Says:

    Love your photos. The power a new tool will give you is awesome!

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