The “I’s” have it!

Not very many “I” photos this week, and you will see what my last week consisted of from the content.  So, let’s go.


IV stand and stuff.  I think I forgot to tell you guys that Leslie had two blood transfusions this past week.


Intensive  Care Unit monitor and wall of hook-ups for various things.


Ice cream – my birthday treat.  It was banana ice cream with walnuts and caramel from Cold Stone Creamery.  Yum!!!!!!


Incomplete set up of the studio.  I decided to start with the yarn – boy oh boy do I have a lot of yarn.  Yikes!  Scott said I needed another storage unit and I told him, “No, I just need to start weaving.”

That’s it from me!

5 Responses

  1. roxie Says:

    Hooray for the ice cream! As for the yarn stash, weavers I know usually have about three times that much. You are just getting started!

    Hooray for Leslie’s improvements!

  2. Cindy in FL Says:

    Well, the hospital ones are going to be unique entries, gratefully!

    The ice cream looks fantastic-and I am not a big ice cream fan! Glad your room is now almost completed!

  3. Cheryl Says:

    I hope Leslie is doing much better today.

    The big windows in your studio are great! I can imagine your excitement to get it all set up and start weaving in there. 🙂

    Have an “I”ncredible week! 🙂

  4. Judy S Says:

    I’m sorry that some of your photo’s are due to having to be at the hospital, but kudo’s to you for putting your creative hat on while you were there!

    I hope Leslie is doing MUCH better!

  5. Sandy O'Brien Says:

    The “I’s” are just what the doctor ordered. The ice cream looked delicious!! Your studio will be so nice to “indulge” yourself! Very good work! My BIL should be able to go home tomorrow if nothing changes. Thanks for your prayers!

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