What the “H”?

Sorry, this post is late this week.  Between what happened to Leslie Sunday night, our being on vacation and the work we are doing on the house this week, I just now got around to downloading everything from the camera.


Horses – Scott has a nice collection of Breyer horses that he uses as props for his art.


These Heads get used by both of us as models.  Heady is the one on the left and she’s our slightly stoned punk chick.  Sam on the right is a good kid and he keeps a close eye on Heady to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.


My winter Hat – in Houndstooth!  I love this hat.  It’s all wool and it keeps my noggin dry and warm during the winter months.  I bought it in Frankenmuth, MI, last January when we took up that 125 pounds of raw fleeces to be processed at Zeilinger’s.


Handsome!!  This fellow is another model Scott uses and he hangs out on top of the scanning computer monitor most of the time.  Just look at that lantern jaw.

Scott and I went to the Eiteljorg Museum where they have a guitar through the ages exhibit.  While Scott went through that, I went upstairs to the section I love best.


Handwoven Inuit wall hanging.  I love that face in the middle.  He looks like he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing and is trying to look innocent.


Handwoven Hopi blanket.


Stunningly beautiful Handwoven baskets.  These people were serious artists!


Just look at the twill work on this Handwoven tray. Fascinating!


Another Handwoven basket.


And last, Handbeaded baskets with lids.  The detail on these is amazing.

That’s my H week.  I know I could come up with lots more H items.  Now, what am I going to take for I?

As for other H’s:

Sanna’s Bag

Ordinary But Interesting

Eweniquely Ewe

My Yellow Swing




3 Responses

  1. Sandy O'Brien Says:

    I also loved the Inuit weaving. Hope you have a better week and recovery goes well.

  2. Judy S Says:

    Your pictures of all the handwoven baskets took my breath away…they are STUNNING!

    Such incredible talent!

    Thanks so very much for taking the pictures and sharing them!

  3. Cindy in FL Says:

    Ahhhh! I will try to catch up again….I hate being late. I love the Hopi blanket and baskets. I loved visiting the museums in AZ.

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