“G” What have others done

Let’s check in with other blogs and see how their G shots have come out this week.

Cheryl thought of several I didn’t, so kudos to her.

Cindie came up with some good ones – I love the glass floats and the ginko leaves.

Sandy’s Grandmother’s Fan wall hanging is simply stunning!

Roxie’s Gateway and Garden shots are lovely.  I really like that gateway.

Judy took her “G” shots in a different direction, which I think shows some ingenuity on her part.  And she came up with some very interesting pictures.

If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll update this post.


2 Responses

  1. Sandy O'Brien Says:

    Another great collection of photos!! I liked the “Gravel” photo, why didn’t I think of gravel–I grew up in a small village called “Gravel Switch” in KY! Go figure! Can’t wait to see what we find in the “H” files!

  2. Cindie Says:

    Very fun to see what everyone has come up with for G.

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