First Spin-In a Success!!

Yesterday was such a fun day.  For starters, Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana, is such a lovely shop and the people are very friendly.  There are always smiles, laughter, assistance and encouragement to be found.

Sandy and I got there right at 10 when the store opened, and soon afterwards Cheryl arrived with her Great-Grandmother’s wheel. (Remember her from Tuesday’s class? She had the wheel that reminded of me of old crank-start engine until we oiled her wheel.)  Marta came by later with the old wheel that we worked on at Hoosier Hills when I taught her to spin and she bought her Ladybug.  The wheel had had some repair work done on it, she and I tweaked on it some more, and we decided that the wheel bars were loose and needed to be tightened/glued.  Once that is done, it should spin very well for her.  She is planning to bring it to the next spinning class next month on the 13th.  The group ended up settling down with 5 of us spinning away together.


With all of the people who stopped by, there were no two wheels alike.  Sandy should have been spinning on her Lendrum like mine, but if you don’t bring all of the parts, you get to spin on the shop wheel.  Which was fine with Sandy because she had been wanting to try out a Ladybug, anyway.

See the lady in the purple?  That is Sherry.  She brought a very special wheel, but until I came home and did some research on it, I don’t think any of us knew how special it is.  I can’t wait to tell her what I found out about it.


For one, it is a beautiful wheel and she said it was from New Zealand, but not an Ashford.  I took a picture of the plaque on it, but didn’t read it until I got home and downloaded from my camera.


I. Nagy.  Now, that sounded very familiar to me and I knew I had seen that someplace before.  So, I did a search on it and came up with this.  Yes, Sherry has a VERY special wheel, indeed.  I know she is very careful with it and is particular with it, and for good reason.  I don’t remember where I had heard of these wheels, but I do know my memory says that is was in a good way.  I just need to see if I can find out where I had seen or heard of this wheel maker before.


Maryann of A Good Yarn was spinning three colors together into heavy singles to knit hats from.


Isn’t it neat that her singles look like they have been plied with the way she spins them?  These are going to make some nice hats for someone.

susan's tease

And Susan, one of the shop owners, kept hauling out bin after bin of Maryann’s sock yarn.  Just look at all of those yummy colors!!  I have spent my allotment of yarn, so I could not partake today, but I sure did go over and drool over them.


I really like the white one with the spots on it and think it would knit up into some cool socks.  Susan now has a layaway plan, and I might just have to put this skein back if it is still there when I’m teaching next.

I think this Spin-In is going to be a monthly event at the shop, although with my schedule it might be October before I can get there again on a Saturday.  But stop in when they are happening and sit and spin a while with the others.  Oh yes! Susan made the best no-bake cookies for the day.  She might make them again if you ask her.

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  1. Cindy in Fl Says:

    What a great way to spend an afternoon! That wheel is a beauty, thanks for the history link about it! The shop does look inviting.

  2. Judy S Says:

    It looks like you had a great time spinning! Somewhere in the near future I’m going to try it – it really has me intrigued!

    Ooo….all that gorgeous sock yarn!! I would NOT have been able to resist purchasing one…errr…two…ahem…or more!

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