The “F” from others

It has been one busy week!  The last several days have been hot and muggy – it was 79 degrees F at 7:00 yesterday morning.  Then, yesterday, a cold front came through, we got some rain and this morning was a blessed 63 degrees.  It is amazing what 16 degrees will do for you.

It’s time to update you on what everyone else has been doing with the Alphabet Photography Challenge.  Last week was the letter “F” and I received links from several people who are participating in this.  Let’s get started.

Cheryl from Acorn to Oak starts us out with some sweet fuzzy faces.

Cindy from Delighted Hands gave us several good photos – doesn’t she have a lovely family?

Roxie from Sanna’s Bag delivered some wonderful shots – love the Flirt one.

Judy from Ordinary but Interesting “fenced” us in with her shots.

Sandy O’Brien has a new blog and her first post is her photographs for the week.

And there is Eweniquely Ewe’s part.

Did I miss anyone?




2 Responses

  1. roxie Says:

    How kind you are to share this with us! I just love it!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Fun! 🙂

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