Tour de Fleece Update

Well, the first week of the Tour de Fleece is over and today is the day of rest.  I won’t be getting much rest since Sandy and I are dyeing today, but I am resting from the Tour.

Here is what I have  from my first week:


This yarn is so hard to get the real color in a photograph.  Because of the silk and the way it reflects light, it either looks shiny with the flash or green without.  With the flash is closest, but none of the photos is just right.


This picture is the closest, actually.  As you can see, there are a lot of different colors in this and it came out way darker and richer than I thought it would looking at the unspun fiber.  I’ll show you.


Does that look like the spun yarn?  For one, the little bit of purples in it really came through in the finished product and I am happy it came out the way it did.  I really thought it would be more in the browns and greens.


Here is the wound cake as compared to another one of commercially spun (but hand-dyed) yarn.  I know the grist is mine is less than the commercial yarn, but I ended up with a lot more yardage.  That is good.  I know that the commercially spun ball will make a pair of socks with quite a bit left over, so I know I’ll have no problem getting a pair of socks out of my handspun.


The top yarn is the two-ply commercially spun yarn shown above, the middle is mine and the bottom is a 3-ply Sockotta yarn.  Obviously they have more twist in them, but with mine being 30% silk, I think it’ll be okay.  The next time I spin sock yarn, I’ll add more twist to the plying stage.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll knit up the socks with my yarn.  I am planning to use a size 2 (2.75 mm) for the leg and through the heel turn, then switch to a 1.5 (2.5 mm) for the gusset decrease, foot and toe.  I need the extra stretch for the leg, but I like a snugger foot in my socks or they get saggy on me as I wear them.

All in all, I am pleased with my sock yarn so far.  I know what I’ll do different the next batch, but this is my first time spinning specifically for socks and knitting socks from my own handspun yarn.  I have two weeks still to get the socks done, so I still have a longs ways to go.  I am determined to have the socks done by the end of the day on the 21st, though.

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  1. Cindy in Fl Says:

    Delicious! The skein is very different from the fiber bump! It’s part of the wonder of spinning! It’s going to make a great pair of socks!

  2. roxie Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how colors work out? That yarn is SO rich and beautiful!! What splendid socks it will make.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Wow! Very impressive…in how great it looks and how much you’ve gotten done. I’m so far behind where I wanted to be. And, my spinning inspired my daughter and she’s been spinning a lot the past few days which limits my time on the wheel. But, that’s ok because it’s great to see her enjoying it too. 🙂

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