The Letter “E”

Again, this letter posed a challenge for me, but once I got to looking around, I found several E shots to take.  Also, I Experimented with my camera a little.  That’s an E too!


Earth!  What a difference from this time last year.  Last year, everything was so brown and July 4th fireworks were being canceled due to fire risks.  Not this year.  Everything is lush and green.  And, yes, I know I need to mow.

Electric Meter

Electric Meter.  They get better, I promise.




Eye.  Scott’s eyes are a silver-gray and change colors with what he is wearing or what he is surrounded by.  This time, they are reflecting the gray of the sky.  And this shot was taken about 4 inches from Scott’s face.  My old camera would never have let you get in this close and give you anything worth taking.  I love this camera!

Ellie wants a berry

Ellie the tiny elephant trying to get a berry.  I really like the colors and the textures in this photo.  The cloth, the wood, the leaves, the concrete and the berries all work together pretty well, I think.

Elegant Ewe

The Elegant Ewe.  The funny thing is the shawl she is wearing is made from the left over sock yarn from the socks I was wearing when I took the picture.


And my favorite shot of the week – Entrance.  We don’t use this entrance into our barn anymore and nature is taking it over.

Now for the Experiment.  There are several pre-set settings on my camera and I wondered how each would affect a picture.  So I took a needle-felted Elephant of Scott’s, set it in an empty bookshelf and took shots of it each with a different setting on the camera.  Here is what I got:


This is using the straight “Auto” setting with Auto Flash.  It didn’t feel it needed the flash to go off.


The next setting is Face where it tries to decide where the “face” is and use that to focus on.  I think it found the face of the elephant, but I am not sure.  The interesting this is that it decided to use the flash for this one.

focus outside

The Outdoors setting.  No flash was deemed necessary this time.

focus night

The Night setting and it flashed.  Mind you, the only thing that is changing between these photos are the settings on the camera.  I am not moving or changing the lighting in any way.

focus indoor

The Indoor setting and, once again, there is a flash being used.  I think the Indoor one is a lot like the Face one, but it seemed to pick up more details of the wooliness of the elephant.  It does get rid of the yellowy-ness and brings out more of the blue quality of the lighting.  I thought that this was because of the flash going off, but the last picture had the flash going off in it as well, and there is a decided yellow tinge to it.

focus action

The Action setting was all wrong for this type of photo, of course, because there is nothing moving so there was nothing it could focus on.  The entire shot is just a muddy mess, although it decided a flash was necessary.

Which one do I like the best?  For some odd reason, I like the Outdoor setting for this best.  It comes closest to the real color of the wool used and it feels less artificial.  The one I like next is the Indoor shot.  While it washed out the color of the wool and made it more silvery, the focus is nice.  The Auto setting is… meh.  It’s neither bad nor good.  I have the feeling that I am going to be experimenting with the settings on my camera more and not just rely on one per view.  In fact, I might take the same picture more often using different settings and see how they affect the shot.  Just because some of the settings say Indoor or Outdoor or Night or whatever doesn’t mean they are the best for the mood, effect or picture you are trying to get.

So, I learned something this week.  I learned I have a lot to learn.


5 Responses

  1. roxie Says:

    Love it! Especially the elephant experiments. You re such an inspiration.

  2. Cindie Says:

    Love your ‘e’ photos. I’ve only got one so far (coincidentally one of the same ones you did) but I post mid-week so I’ve still got a couple days.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    I think I like the outdoor setting photo best too.

    I really like your entrance photo. And, your elegant ewe is so cute!

    Are we supposed to be posting the photos on Mondays? Ooops! Mine probably won’t be up for another day or more, again. Weekends are so busy. And, these letters are turning out to be a lot more challenging than I had expected.

    Have a great week! 🙂

  4. Cindy in FL Says:

    I am working to catch up on my shots….will get them up within the hour! I took a shot of my ‘entrance’, too, and thought of it before I read your blog-really!!!lol Good mental and photographical challenge!

  5. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    Nice work! LOVE the sheep shawl!

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