“Doesn’t smell like a sheep, huh?”

“Don’t look it in the eyes, huh?”

“So, buster, you think we are stupid?  If you really believed that, then explain how the little one got here?  You think someone built it? Huh?”


So, folks, how much trouble do you think Ramses is in here?  I’d say someone is going to get fleeced!

Okay, maybe I am having too much fun with these nanoblocks.  I did have enough spare parts to build a lamb.  Now, maybe I ought to explain that to Ewenice, Ewegenia and little Lambert and get Ramses out of the hot water he is finding himself in.  Although, he does look a little smug about it all.  Maybe I’ll let him get yelled at a bit longer before I step in.

See you tomorrow when I post everyone else’s “D” photos for the week.  If you have some you want linked to or posted, let me know.

2 Responses

  1. Sandy O'Brien Says:

    You are having way TOO MUCH FUN! Can’t wait to see the “D” pics! I’m almost finished spinning “Nerds” roving. I think it’s going in my next tapestry weaving.

  2. roxie Says:

    Wooldn’t you feel a bit confused if you were a sheep confronted with those blocky bits?

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