Another sock class completed

Monday night was the final beginning sock class for this group of students.  One student wasn’t able to make it, so I have offered to work with her at the spinning class next Tuesday night if she wants to come.  The other three though came and were doing very well.


Working hard on her sock.  She didn’t quite get done, but finishing it will be no problem for her.


This one was actually ready to bind off by the end of class, but it is destined to be completely frogged out.  The owner decided she wanted to add in another yarn and make a “hunter’s sock” with her yarn.  So, the next time I see it, it will have some hunter orange added to it.


And the third student got hers all done and was looking forward to starting her next sock.  Already, she was talking about making her mom and aunt socks, too.

I think all three who were able to finish the class will be making more pairs of socks.  I hope the fourth student comes next Tuesday so I can help her finish.

The funny thing about the class Monday night, though, was all three students wore clothes that matches their socks, and non of them realized it until I mentioned it.    People are so interesting!

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    They’re doing great!

    The the first thing I noticed when I opened this post was that the lady in the top picture has a sweater on that matches her socks. I figured she really likes blue. That’s interesting that they all matched their projects. 🙂

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