I need your opinions, please

I am doing some colorwork sock designs.  The designs call for either 4 or 5 colors (most 4, but 1, so far, has 5).  I realize this may seem like a lot of yarn to buy, but you should have enough to make two pairs with some yarn left over.  Also, some of the designs share colors, so you can use left overs for a different pair of socks.

Does this seem reasonable to you?

Also, I am considering creating mittens and/or glove patterns in the same series to match the socks, and this would use up the extra yarn, too.  In fact, I believe you could easily get a pair of gloves and a pair of socks out of the four 50 gram skeins.  Would this make it even more attractive to you as the knitter?

What about hats to match?

Designing these, working out the math, and playing around with colors have been very interesting to me, and the opportunity to do even more would be great, so it’s not like a “Gee, I have to…” but more like a “Cool, I get to…” type of thing.  In fact, my brain is finding it pretty enjoyable.  I work with numbers all day, but the math behind the designs is different (and do not contain the terms “debit” or “credit”) and I find it stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

So, what I am asking you is this.  Would you like matching patterns for socks, gloves/mittens and hats?  What about scarves?  Would weaving in all those ends make it too tedious?  I know how I feel about things, but I do not consider myself to be normal in the least, so I am turning to you to help me decide how far I should go.

What do you think?

If no one else has any opinions, I am going to continue what I am doing and see how far I can take it.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    I do not consider extra yarn a burden! I can always find uses for leftovers. As for mittens to match-cool idea and maybe fingerless mitts, too. The hat would be a natural addition to the projects- It wouldn’t mean a lot of extra work for you but for some knitters, having the work done for them when they have to alter cast on numbers and the chart is beyond pleasing.

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