A Wonderful Trip to Kentucky

Sandy and I started off at the dark and early hour of 6 yesterday morning on our trip to Kentucky – the area around Lexington and Frankfort to be exact.  Sandy drove and once it got light enough (just before hitting Cincinnati) I pulled out the second sock of the pair I am knitting for my SIL, Missy, and had the gusset and about 2.5″ on the foot done before I had to start reading the instructions that would get us to our first stop.

We knew we had reached our destination when we saw this:


So where were we?


The Woolery!  This is a trip we have been wanting to make since they moved to Kentucky.  And when we walked inside, we we not disappointed.






I could have dropped some serious bucks in this place.  I restrained myself and kept my tight budget in mind and came out with a Woolery T-shirt, four packets of seeds for dye plants Joe Pye Weed, Dyer’s Woodruff, Gypsywort, and Amaranthe, and some cutch to replace the supply I used at last year’s Dye Day.  Sandy and I did buy for The Fiber Binder Club some fiber that I have never seen available before although I have tried spinning it at last year’s State Fair.

After grabbing a bite of lunch (Subway will turn any sandwich into a salad and I tried the Sweet Onion Teriyaki as a salad with Balsamic Vinegrette dressing – oh my, it was awesome!), Sandy and I headed out to Sara Dunham’s farm for a visit.  Funny story on Sandy and I though, first.  Frankfort has a lot of one-way streets and we must have made three figure-8’s trying to figure out how to get out of there.  We make such a great team.  🙂

Sara, better known as thecrazysheeplady of Punkin’s Patch, had invited us to pay her a visit and to meet all of the sheep we all have read about on her blog.  We were met by her and Maisie, Miss Tilly and Iris.  What a lovely place she and her husband have.  The view of the horses and sheep in the fields, all of the lovely wooden fences, the barn and her wool house created quite a bit of envy in me.  Maisie follows Sarah like one of the dogs and she shows no fear of anything.

We went out to the field behind the barn to meet the sheep.  Sara took some vanilla wafers with us, and the mention of cookies raised several sheep heads from their grazing.  Then, poor Sara accidentally dropped the box.  Cookies scattered and the next glance up at the sheep showed a stampede in our direction.  Sara was frantically scrambling to get the cookies, I reached down to try to help her and the sheep were upon us, all shoving us and each other to get to those cookies.  We all laughed at them and us.


It was so much fun getting to meet everyone.  Graham and I became friends (he’s a big boy!) and I got to scratch on and feed several of the others.  Blossom was really working it hard for the cookies, and Woolliam, Popcorn PeePee Pants, and all of the rest were determined not to be left out.  They were all so much fun.


I love the topknots.

After washing up a bit, we went into the Wool House.  I fell in love with the place.  Light, airy, with lots of storage, a loom, three spinning wheels, a couch, and 20 all there just made it so inviting.


Sandy and 20 really hit it off, but they are both Packers fans, so they had plenty to talk about.  Look in the upper left corner at that wee spinning wheel.


It really works!!!  Gee, I would love one of these for Lizzie, and Sara said she got this off of ebay, so I am going to start looking.

sheep angels

Everywhere you looked in the Wool House, there was something to see.  These three sweet lambies were watching over us from above.

Saras bit of heaven

What Sandy and I would do with a place like this to do our dyeing and processing in.  One day…

From there, we went over to Kathy Meyers and visited and bought fleeces.  We got a lovely fleece for the Fiber Binder Club and another one to have processed to sell.


Of course, Sandy made a friend there as well.  This over-grown puppy was in heaven!

All through that area of Kentucky (and I assume others) there were quilt blocks painted onto barns.  Sandy and I enjoyed looking for them as we drove around.  Both Sara and Kathy had one on their barns as well.


This is Sara’s and it represents one of her ponds surrounded by Native Kentucky plants.


And I loved the 4-leaf clover on Kathy’s barn.

All said and done, we could not have had a lovelier day.  Meeting Sara and her four-legged family was a highlight.  She has invited us back down for a relaxing day of spinning on the porch.  And getting to see the sweater she spun and knitted out of Marcel with a bit of Woolliam in person was a treat, too.  It is beautiful and will be a blessing for her to wear.

Next Saturday is another road trip for Sandy and I, this time in the opposite direction.  Yep!  It is time to drive back up to Zeilingers to pick up all of that wool we took up in January for processing.  I can hardly wait.

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  1. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    Really enjoyed your visit :-). Come back soon!

  2. Cindy in FL Says:

    What an incredible day! Any of these places would have made a great day-you sure packed in a lot!
    Glad it was a delight and inspiration to both of you!

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